The Flags Used In A Race And What They Symbolize

Photo source: You may have wondered why races wave different sorts of flags with different colors. If you are a rookie in this sports or you’re just a fanatic spectator wanting to recognize the tools used in your favorite pastime, here is a comprehensive discussion of the different flags used in a race and what […]

Top Things To Consider In Suspension Design

When designing a suspension design for a car it involves brainstorming about the tires, tire air, linkages, springs and other things that are connected with the tire and the vehicle itself. Today’s automobile industry, everyone focuses more on how comfortable the vehicles rides and of course, its suspension design. The suspension is more likely designed […]

What You Need To Know About IIHS Car Crash Tests

Photo source: IIHS tests assess 2 aspects: crash worthiness (how well a car secures its passengers in a crash) and crash mitigation and avoidance (technologies that avoid a crash or at least reduce the damages). To figure out the crashworthiness of a vehicle, IIHS rates whether cars are good, acceptable, poor or marginal, based on […]