Car Care and Maintenance

Good car care and maintenance are essential to elongate the life of your automobile. Your vehicle will show warning signs to let you know it has some issues. The secret is reading these signs and getting your car repaired before it costs you a fortune.

Check out our tire maintenance tips or windshield repair advice or why you need to keep up with your vehicle maintenance. Discover tips and advice to help you take better care of your car so it can take better care of you.


Not every make of car is the same, but the indicator lights on the dash all have the basic warning lights to let you know that there is a problem. Sounds are another indicator of car trouble so listen to your vehicle and should you hear new or strange noises, don’t ignore it. Catching a problem early can mean the difference between a few dollars and thousands spent on car care and maintenance costs.

Car Maintenance Tips And Tricks

It is relatively easy to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. General maintenance doesn't need to be done by a professional mechanic. There are jobs you can do at home to keep your car in good shape and running on the road.

The Oil Change and Additives

One of the easiest jobs you can do yourself is the oil change. Dirty oil will clog up your engine and cause a whole host of costly problems. Also, keep an eye on the oil level on your car and always check if the filters are in good condition or they already need to be replaced. Assessing all the oils in your car is very important. Transmission and gear oil should be checked and changed regularly to ensure the smooth-running condition of your vehicle.

The Brake

The brake will help you in the emergency situation. Brake fluid is also essential to the smooth running of your car, but it has a downside. Brake fluid attracts moisture, and any dampness where it shouldn't be can be very costly where cars are concerned. Brake fluid is very inexpensive and changing it regularly will lengthen the life of all hoses, sensors, ​and calipers

The Car Tires

Cleaning and Waxing

Keeping your automobile clean inside and out will also help to prolong its lifespan as well as making it look so much better. Built-up mud and dirt on the underside of your car can lead to some mechanical problems. And a dirty interior will ruin your carpets and seats. Don’t leave any uneaten food in your car, it may attract vermin, especially in the winter a warm engine and a food supply will entice all sorts of critters that like to chew on wiring. The console on your dashboard will indicate any serious problems. Learn what all the symbols mean and don’t ignore them.

The Systemes and Moving Parts

Flushing the cooling system annually will help to keep corrosion at bay as well as avoiding any build up inside the cooling system.

Always remember to lubricate any moving parts of your car. If it has been moved when you bought it, then regularly grease it to keep it in good condition is very important.

These are just the main things you should look out for when maintaining your car. Check out our car care and maintenance tips and discover advice that will help you take better care of your vehicle so that it will be able to take better care of you too.