10 Common Mistakes Beginner Motorcycle Riders Make

When you are new on a motorcycle, almost everything can happen. We have all been, and sometimes it is better to know certain tips from people who have gone through that before and can advise you. That is why we are going to review the most common mistakes of beginner motorcyclists and some driving tips to avoid them. According to a study by the World Health Organization, motorcycle drivers are, along with pedestrians, the road safety agents with the highest risk of suffering a traffic accident.

Although in many cases these mishaps are not the direct responsibility of the rider, in others they could be avoided if attention is paid and the motorists do not make some mistakes that can have much more serious consequences than in the case of car drivers. 

Then, we reviewed the most common mistakes and some tips to avoid them:

# 1 Drive with speeding

Increasing the speed increases the chances of falling or hitting a fixed point. Therefore, speed limits must be respected both by city and by road.

# 2 Not Buying the Right Equipment

The helmet is the most important element of the equipment of a motorcyclist. For this, you have to choose only among the approved helmets. Think also of safety rather than design. Choosing the right size is essential, remember that although you must squeeze does not have to bother. When people buy their first motorcycle they usually think that since they will only use it to move around the city, they do not need to spend too much on safety equipment. However, you must bear in mind that many motorcycle accidents occur precisely on urban streets. When you go by motorcycle, the body is your body so you must wear proper motorcycle clothing and bet on a good helmet.

# 3 Not Knowing Your Motorcycle in Depth

Although it seems like a truism, there are many motorcyclists who do not know their own motorcycle. Read the manual well before you start driving it if you are a beginner. There you will find important tips on your driving as well as for your maintenance.

# 4 Maintenance of Your Motorcycle

It is just as important to driving with caution as to perform periodic maintenance on your vehicle. The wear of certain systems, such as brakes or suspension, increases the chances of an accident.

# 5 Inadequate Size

When choosing your motorcycle, keep in mind that driving a bigger one than you can control can cause more than one scare. Experts in road safety insist on the importance of the driver's position and the distribution of their weight for safe driving.

# 6 Do Not Pay Attention to the Movements of Other Vehicles

Do not forget that not all drivers, especially cars, signal their changes of direction and turns. It is highly recommended to look closely at the movements made by the driver inside the vehicle and thus be able to anticipate a possible unexpected turn. You have to have all five senses fully activated.

# 7 Do Not Foresee Braking

It is another of the most common mistakes, especially among novice drivers. You have to pay close attention to sliding surfaces, zebra crossings or gravel floors. You do not have to perform sudden braking either.

# 8 Not Knowing How to Enter the Curves

Knowing how to enter curves is a technique that requires some practice. It is relatively common not to know how to tilt the bike enough and end up leaving the road and also enter too fast and brake in the middle of the curve. To avoid scares, you have to be calm and enter at the right speed.

# 9 Zigzagging Between Vehicles

Some drivers overtake on the right and drive between vehicles especially in the city, increasing the chances of being hit by another vehicle. Therefore, always use the left lane to overtake and drive on the right.

# 10 Drive With Overconfidence

If during the first day's everything goes smoothly, it is likely that very soon you will believe that you control the motorcycle and start to trust yourself. However, driving a bike is a long learning process, even motorists who have done thousands of kilometers do not trust themselves because they know that on the road it is better to stay tuned.

If you have never traveled on two wheels, even on a bicycle, perhaps during your first steps the first thing will be to focus on driving a motorcycle safely and pay your full attention to maintain balance, accelerate and stop. Motorcycle tires are often ignored and underappreciated, which isn't the smartest of decisions since they are the intermediary between you and a face-full of asphalt. Go to a good motorcycle tire shop near your area to buy an appropriate tire when needed.

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