11 Best Latches for Your Campervan Drawers and Cabinets

You will experience optimum campervan joy and peace if all your items are properly stored and protected. You will always be in such a relaxed state if all your drawers and cabinets are properly latched.  

It is especially stressful when your stored objects keep on falling while you’re on the road. You won’t enjoy your road adventure for you’d always worry if your stuff will fall out or get broken any minute. Bumpy roads will be uniquely frustrating and your furniture and appliances may even get damaged. It will all the more become crazy if you’d have pop top caravan latch problems. One can never stress the importance of latch security when it comes to campervans. 

To ensure that all your campervan items are stored properly and duly protected, you need to secure the best latch for your drawers and cabinets. This article will help you look for the best set of latches for your caravan. 

4 Things to Consider When Looking for Latches 

1. Compatibility

You should first be fully aware of the cabinet and drawers that you have. Your latch of choice should be fully compatible with them. You would want to check the mechanism of the doors of your cabinets and drawers. Do they have inset doors or offset doors? 

Inset doors lay flush with the frame while offset doors extend off the frame. This consideration will immediately shorten the list of your latch options. 

2. Latch Strength

Latches have different holding power. Check the weight of your cabinet and drawers. You should also consider the items that you regularly store in them. Use heavy-duty latches to cabinets and drawers that store heavy objects like pans and heavy pots.  

3. Manual vs Automatic

Automatic latches are best for people who always forget to close their drawers and cabinets. It will ensure that all your items are protected even if you’re on the road and you forget to close them. Manual latches are equally perfect if you have no particular need for automatic latches. 

4. Aesthetics 

You should also consider how the latches look. Will it match the aesthetic of your campervan? Decide on the color and finish that you prefer. You could have ones that fully match your campervan interior or ones that give your mobile home a pop of color. 

 11 Best Latches for Your Campervan Drawers and Cabinets 

1. Push Button Latch 

Push-button latches are modern latches that both function as a locking tool and a handle. They’re best for small spaces and storage of light objects. You need an expert to have them installed because precise measuring is required. 

2. RV Labs Pull Handle Latch 

RV Labs’ latches are stylish. They have built-in locking mechanisms that are best for inset cabinets and drawers. They can conveniently lock in heavy objects. They can be expensive though. 

3.Cupboard Latch

Cupboard latches can also serve as knobs. Most antique furniture has cupboard latches. As they are spring-loaded, you won’t need to worry if you’d forget to latch them. They’re available in lots of colors and designs but are only compatible with inset doors.

4. Magnetic Child Safety Lock Latch 

These latches are best if you often go on road adventures with kids. They have magnetic keys that make it extra easy to unlock cabinets and drawers. They look discrete and won’t require complicated tools when being installed.  

5. Hook & Eye Latch 

Hook & Eye latches are very secured but they make so much noise. However, they can handle heavy-duty objects and are very affordable. They’re best for inset drawers but they can also be used to latch two offset cabinet doors. 

6. Barrel Bolt Latch 

Barrel Bolt latches are best for heavy-duty cabinets and drawers. They are solid because they can effectively secure drawers and cabinets that deal with loads of gravitational force. They can be expensive though so you need to have a dedicated budget for them. 

7. Roller Catch

Roller catch latches are best for lightweight cabinets and drawers. They are very affordable but you may be particularly challenged when installing them. This is because you need to secure that its two pieces will accurately line up. Roller catch latches are automatic. 

8. Magnetic Latch 

You can opt for magnetic latches if you need to store light objects. They latch automatically and are very inexpensive. You need to take note though that they will easily give in when heavy objects are stored.

9. Loop & Catch

This is a solid DIY option. You simply need two screws and a loop (an elastic hair tie will do). The two screws will serve as your anchor while your loop (hair tie) will serve as your latch. This DIY option is inexpensive and very easy to set up. 

10. Internal Bolt 

You could also DIY with a metal bolt and a drill. You could also use a metal bolt to lock your cabinets and drawers. You’d simply need to drill a hole through the drawer or cabinet itself. You simply need to insert the metal bolt to lock the drawer through the drilled hole. This option is inexpensive and will save you so much time. 

11. Gas Struts

Gas struts are not latches but they can very well serve as perfect tools to prop open doors. Gas struts have enough resistance to keep your overhear dresser locked. Gas struts are perfect if roller catches or magnetic catches won’t properly do the latching job for your stuff.

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