4 Things To Consider Before Buying Bike Baby Seats That Are Safe

It is a lot of fun to take your child along with you when you have to go on a bike ride. It can be a moment of bonding session between the parent and the child. Your child's motor skills and curiosity will also develop if you take them along with you are outside when you go cycling. You can also start your child's biking journey at an early age by buying bike baby seats.

In this article, we will discuss four things to consider before buying a baby bike seat front.

Which Is The Best Child Bike Seat?

There are two kinds of child bike seats available. Front-mounted and rear-mounted bike seats are the ones which are the types available in the market. Both of these can be used to carry around a child with you when you are going cycling. 

This is appropriate for children of age around six months. It is the choice of the parents which seat they choose for their children.

Let's have a look at some of the best child bike seats below.

 1. Thule Ridealong Child Seat

 This site will be a great purchase for you because it has a quick-release mount and dismount option. It also has adjustable footrests and straps. You can easily detach it, and there are five reclining options available to choose from for your beloved child. It can bear a weight of 22 kgs. Three points adjustable harness is available in this child bike seat.

 2. Bobike

A safety 5 point harness is available in the seat, and it weighs only 5 kgs. The maximum child weight that this child's bike seat can bear is 22 kgs. Many colour options are available, and it also has a built-in LED light that looks super luxurious during the nighttime. 

An adjustable headrest is available so your child can easily stay convenient and comfortable when they are relaxing in this seat. Matching helmet options are also available with the child bike seat. The only downside of this seat is that there is no child decline option available. Other than that, it is a great purchase for your child.

 3. Topeak

This bike seat has an adjustable footrest, and it comes with a rack. It is a complete package and solution for your child, and the best part is that the tracking system provides extra storage space. If you have more than one bike, then it is a great purchase for you. You do not have to worry because the racks are also sold separately. The only downside is that there are no reclining options available for the child.

 4. Weeride

If you are looking for the best front-mounted bike seat for your child and this will be a great purchase for you in this regard. It has a suspension beam mounting system with a five-point safety harness. It can be the maximum child weight of 15 kgs, and it weighs only 3.6 kg. 

Overall, it is a very lightweight system with an adjustable footrest. It can easily fit most bikes, so it will not be a hassle to adjust it properly.

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