5 Simple Yet Awesome Car Modifications

Interior LED lighting kit

Gone are the days of abrasive and flashing interior LED lights that you could see from a mile away. Today’s interior LED lighting kits can be used to line your dashboard, add sophisticated dashes of color, or give your car’s interior a soft, ambient mood. Make sure that the interior LED lighting kit you choose can be hardwired and that it can run off of 12 volts. Choosing the high-quality lighting kit and installing it correctly can class-up your cabin, even if you are driving a scuffed-up car that dates back to the early 70’s. 



There are many high-quality amplifiers available out there that you can choose from, but how do you know which one? The quality of an amp is important. With a low-quality amp, you may notice distortion when you turn up the volume. There are three things you should look at when buying an amp: channels, power and speaker compatibility

The number of channels depends on how many speakers you have. A 5-channel amp, like this one from Car Audio Logic, is a good investment if you want a flexible system with room to grow. If high sound quality is what you are after, make sure that you don’t underpower your speakers and that your amp does an excellent job of controlling your speakers. 

Car wrapping

When it comes to transforming your car’s appearance with car wrapping, the sky is the limit. This is cheaper than a paint job, especially if you just want to change specific things like the color of your rear-view mirrors, hood, or if you are adding racing stripes. If you feel up to it, you can do this yourself, but make sure there is no dust in the area and ask someone to help you. When you are tired of the color, simply remove the wrapping and go back to the car’s original color. 

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Seat and steering wheel covers

Covering your seats and steering wheel are more affordable modifications you can make to your car. Seat covers generally take minutes to install and can make vast improvements to the appearance of your car’s interior. There are many high-quality seat covers that feature lower back and neck support, electronic heating and cooling, massage cushions, or that are made from genuine leather. Maybe you just want your seats and steering wheel to look clean and crisp. When it comes to seat covers, a little goes a long way.

Bonnet scoop

Maximize your engine’s combustion chambers’ ability to burn fuel with a bonnet scoop. There are many benefits to a bonnet scoop. Apart from looking awesome, they are designed to act as breathers that cool the air and make oil thicker, enabling the engine to derive more energy from it. There are mainly four types of bonnet scoops: louvered hood scoop, ram air scoop, cowl induction scoop, and air extractor scoop. Before buying, look at each type’s special characteristics and install one that meets your needs. Also make sure that you get a high-quality bonnet scoop that can withstand heat, corrosion, and extreme weather conditions. 

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