5 Things To Consider When Using Electric Coolers For Car

Electric Coolers have risen in popularity over the last few years. This is due to the fact that you don't need a huge SUV to own an Electric Cooler. Most of the latest models are small enough to fit in the back seat of a Mini Cooper. Because of this rise in popularity, manufacturers have tweaked their products even further by adding some new features like internal LED Lights and Digital Temperature Settings.

A huge feature with some coolers is that it will not only keep your beverages cool, it can also keep your food warm! Another great feature that can be seen on some models is Battery Protection. The coolers connect to your cars standard cigarette lighter plug for power and simply shut off when the system senses your car battery is getting too low.

12V Electric Coolers do come in all shapes and sizes. There is a model out there for everyone. They work just like your regular refrigerators, which keep food cold and edible for long periods of time. So instead of stopping at fast food restaurants on family vacations, you can stock a variety of fruit, veg, and sandwiches to take with on your trip. You can even pack some sushi, salmon, and beans if you are feeling fancy and need to impress someone.

That being said, there are, however, two types of electric coolers in the market today, namely:

  • Thermoelectric Cooler - This is perfect for that weekend picnic or fishing trip. These coolers make use of a little fan which keeps the interior cabinet a small amount cooler than the temperature outside.
  • Compressor-Driven Fridge - These coolers can freeze your items and are ideal for long cross-country road trips. It can come in handy if you wish to take meat from your freezer on your journey. But they certainly are very expensive.

5 Things To Consider When Using Electric Car Coolers

If you have finally decided to ditch that old ice cooler for and electric cooler, there are a few things worth considering when using an electric cooler.

1. Construction


If you do plan on doing some heavy off-roading, then you should consider a cooler that is designed for off-road use. These units are usually made up of steel constructed cabinets and components and are ready to withstand years of hard off-road use.

Durable steel carries handles is also a must. They not only serve as a means to lift and transport the cooler but also as a means to tie down the cooler when being carried in the vehicle. If these handles do break off over time, it will become very difficult to move the cooler about.

2. Weight

Because this is a portable item, weight is a crucial factor. Your cooler should be light enough for just a single person to carry. A good cooler will probably have a steel cabinet with injection molded lids and bases to assist in weight reduction.

Being too big and heavy will require more than two people to transport the cooler around. This also increases the risk of damaging the cooler and the vehicle when transferring it in and out of the vehicle.

3. Ergonomic

The lid should be easy to remove. Some vehicles will be too small to allow you to fully open the lid of the cooler in order to remove your frozen salmon. Depending on how the cooler is packed, some kids won't fully open while placed in the boot of many SUVs and Station Wagons. One can imagine how inconvenient it can become for a user who will need to unpack the entire cooler in order to remove a basket with mom's favorite beans salad.

The lid also needs a good locking mechanism so it can come off and go back on easily whenever you need it to. The lid should be equipped with a good quality seal to positively compress the seal when closed and leave the fridge well sealed to function at optimum levels.

4. Easy to Clean

No matter how careful you are with your cooler, you will at some stage mess the inside of the cabinet. Your cooler should be easy to clean out. An evaporator system must be integrated into the cabinet so nothing gets caught up in between evaporator and the actual cabinet. A drain at the bottom is useful if you need to hose down the entire fridge in case of spillage.

5. Good for Everyday use

Electric Coolers for cars are very useful for everyday life. I once wanted to buy a tub of ice cream that was on special from a store located next to the dealership where my car was being serviced. I had to wait a couple of hours for the service to be done before I could buy the ice cream because I don’t have an electric cooler in my car that time.

The special price on the ice cream was so good that it was actually sold out way before my car was done being serviced. Too bad! Since that incident, I shopped around to find the best electric car cooler that I could tag along wherever I go.

Way before, we also tend to waste food that is stored in normal coolers. Without an electric cooler, the food gets soaked in ice cooler at the end of a trip. With electric car coolers today, food and beverage now stay much cleaner and fresher all day even when you are on the road and under the scorching heat of the sun.

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