5 Useless Car Features That You Should Never Pay Extra for When Buying Used Cars

If you have decided to buy a used car instead of a new one, it is a wise choice. This simple decision will enable you to save yourself from a huge depreciation that hits you the moment you get the car from the dealership. Buying a well maintained used car can prove to be a lot more value for money than buying a new car. 

However, if you want to ensure that you get a good quality car for the best possible price, make sure you choose the right dealer. In fact, we would suggest that you buy the car online rather than going to a dealership. When you buy used cars online on Gettacar or any other reputable website, you can enjoy several advantages.

You won't have to travel from dealership to dealership looking for a vehicle that you like. Plus, you will not have to decide on the quality of the car with a short test drive. You can test the car for one week, and return it if you are not satisfied. To make sure that you get the best possible price for a vehicle, you can avoid paying extra for these useless features that you won't need.

GPS Navigation

At the turn of the century, GPS navigation devices became a big thing for cars so that people do not have to pour over maps looking for the right direction. However, these devices did not come cheap back then.

However, everyone can get GPS nowadays on their smartphones, so you do not need a tablet-sized device cluttering space on your dashboard. Built-in GPS systems can add between $500 to $2000 to the car price. Instead of paying so much, you can simply buy a smartphone holder for your dashboard, and you are all set.

V8 Engines

You may want to brag to your friends that your car has a V8 engine, but think about it honestly whether you need such an oversized and expensive gas guzzler? Even if you need something more powerful than a conventional 4 cylinder engine in your vehicle for work-related reasons, there are lighter and cheaper options available now. 

Instead of paying extra for a V8, you can go for a V6 engine. A V6 engine will cost you a lot less, and yet it delivers almost the same horsepower as a V8 thanks to technological advancements like digital valve timing, direct multiple fuel injection, and forced induction. Moreover, V6 engines are much lighter compared to V8 and give you a much better fuel economy.

Night Vision

You may find something called a night vision dashboard in some cars. That means your dashboard will turn into a screen that relays the visual information from a night mode camera, which claims to show the road in greater detail. However, unless you are a spy who needs to turn off the headlights during secret missions, you don't need the feature. 

Moreover, using night vision would mean that you have to take your eyes off the road and look at your dashboard now and then, which may not be a very safe thing to do. Night visions are also not very cheap and may cost you a few thousand dollars extra on your car price.

Social Media Integration

As if using a mobile phone while driving wasn't bad enough. Now cars come with voice-activated social media integration in your car. In our opinion, it is an utter waste of money for something that might put your life at risk, as well as for others. If someone thinks that they need to use social media while driving, we suggest that they seek psychotherapy for social media addiction. 

Voice Controls

Voice control in a car sounds like an awesome feature. On paper it sounds like an immensely practical feature. You can access the different functions of your car without ever having to take your hands off the steering wheel.  

However, voice control works differently in different cars. It’s completely dependent on the make and the model and you can end up with anything from a moderately functioning system to something that’s completely flawed that will drive you mad.

Paying extra for voice control is like playing Russian roulette, the only thing is that the odds are not in your favor. Most used cars with dated systems have terrible voice controls

You are much better off with good-old-fashioned buttons and more money in your bank account.

So if you are looking to buy a used car for the best possible price, make sure you avoid the sales pitch concerning any of these features. That will help you to choose a vehicle which will cost you less and prove to be a better value for money.

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