Caravan Maintenance Hacks: 6 Things You Should Always Do To Maximize the Life of Your Van

Did you know that well-maintained caravans can be used for as long as 30 years? Caravans can last for more than three decades if they are well-maintained and in tip-top shape at all times. The longer your van lasts, the more value you’d get out of your purchase. You can even earn from it if you’d choose to let go of it and sell it in the future. A well-maintained van has a promising and exciting future. The more well-maintained your van is, the more options you’d have available for you. 

We collected expert tips to help you optimize your caravan’s lifespan and ensure that it remains in good shape for years and years to come. All you have to do is follow our tips to ensure that you’d get to enjoy your caravan for years and years to come. 

6 Maintenance Hacks that Will Prolong The Lifespan of Your Van 

1. Regular Cleaning 

How many times do you clean your caravan? Do you have a structured way of handling dirt and disposing trash? This tip may seem very simple and basic but it is the very foundation of effective caravan maintenance. It’s the easiest to do with the biggest effect. Dirty vans easily look old and outdated. Regularly cleaning your caravan will ensure that it looks brand new at all times. 

You should take note of the following when it comes to cleaning your van:

  • Have a solid cleaning schedule. A monthly clean-up is best.
  • Use proper cleaning equipment.
  • Use a proper cleaning solution. 
  • Using wrong tools and strong chemicals can cause damage so it’s best to closely work with your caravan’s manufacturer when looking for safe cleaning tools and solutions.

2. Regular Service

New vans are serviced after three months of use or 1000 km of mileage. After the initial service, yearly scheduling would do or one every 10,000 km of mileage. Regular servicing will ensure the optimum state of your mobile home. 

Regular servicing entails the following work:

  • Hub removal
  • Wheel bearing re-packing
  • Replacement of bearing seals
  • Reassembling
  • Paint hub assembling
  • Electric brake check
  • Checking of grease suspension
  • Tire inspection
  • Jockey wheel inspection
  • Tow hitch inspection
  • Park brake inspection
  • Brake adjustment if needed.

3. Regular Seal Checks

Seals can get damaged from cracks through the years. Seals that are not inspected can also lead to leaks. If you want to ensure that your van remains in top shape, you should regularly inspect all its seals. During seal inspection, never miss the following spots:

  • Door seals
  • Pop-top seals
  • Window seals
  • All moisture-protective seals
  • Boot seals
  • Tailgate seals 

When inspecting, always ensure that there are no separations and cracks. Ensure that there are no gaps where water can seep in. Apply sealant on loose spaces and any area where you removed old seals. 

PRO TIP: You can effectively do this if you have ladders. Some seals can be reached easily while some are in hard-to-reach areas. With a ladder, you can be sure that you’d get to inspect seals on higher areas and spaces of your van.  

4. Proactive Repair Approach

Never delay repairs. You should always immediately opt for repairs if you notice that something is off or is not working. Fixing everything sooner would effectively prevent damages from escalating. In the case of cracks in seals, you should immediately use sealants to avoid further damage. Sealing is tricky as you need the weather to cooperate. You should use sealants in an instant if the weather is good. You wouldn’t want to be in a position where you need to use a sealant but you can’t because it’s raining. You should always opt for instant repairs when possible. The sooner the repair, the lesser the overall damage. 

5. Excellent Storage

Where do you store your caravan? Choosing the proper place to park it when it’s not in use plays a major role in ensuring that it maintains its pristine condition for many years.

It should be your priority to look for a parking space that could efficiently protect your caravan from the following: 

  • Falling debris
  • Elements
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Accidental scratches

You could look for caravan covers if you don’t have an adequate parking space. Look for caravan covers that fit your caravan to a T. RV Parts Express offers Australia's best caravan covers so you should check out their site.

When looking for a caravan cover, you should choose a fabric that will allow your caravan to breathe in such a way that moisture can easily escape. You should always avoid moisture build-up because it can cause mildew and mold. Moisture can also damage your caravan’s paint.  

6. Regular Runs

Caravans get damaged when not used for long periods. The damage will all the more be worse if you don’t regularly clean it. To avoid such a case, you should schedule a regular run. Not doing regular engine runs will cause the following:

  • Battery drainage
  • Dust formation
  • Flat spots on your wheels
  • Your drive belts can be damaged
  • Your fuel pump may need to be replaced

A simple weekly regular run will do magic to your caravan. A short run around the block will do. 

Be Proactive

Van maintenance is easy if you will have everything scheduled. You can set weekly and monthly reminders to ensure easy and hassle-free caravan maintenance. Your little acts of regular caravan maintenance will go a long way. 

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