6 Valid Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

Most of us own automobile of some sorts. You may think that car insurance is not important but after reading this article, you will. Car insurance helps cover the costs incurred in an accident or when it’s stolen. Here are some valid reasons why you need car insurance. 

It Pays for the Damage:

There is a chance of accident even if you drive safely. If you have a car accident and the fault is yours, you will have to pay for the repairs of your vehicle and the other person’s car as well. That’s a lot of money because cars are expensive. That’s where car insurance helps and pays for all your damages as well as the other person’s. Same goes for the situation if you get into an accident caused by someone else, his car insurance will compensate for your loss. No matter whose fault the accident is, car insurance can get your car repaired and replaced quickly. 

It Covers your Medical Expenses:

Car owners get injured during a car accident. Some get minor injuries and others face major injuries. An accident is usually followed by a few days of hospitalization, which means huge medical expenses. Car insurance also pays the medical bills of the people injured in the accident caused by you.  

It Provides Non-Accident Protection:

Car insurance also provides financial coverage if your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by natural destruction such as falling tree or hail storm. In this regard, it’s important to know the terms and condition of parking your vehicle. 

It also Covers Legal Expenses:

You cannot stop a person from suing you after an accident, even if it’s his fault. Some car insurances also pay for the legal fees charged by the attorney. It provides a buffer between legal claims and your wallet. General.com allows you to get your car insurance quote without personal information. You’ll just have to enter your age and ZIP code of your area to get insurance quotes. 

It Protects your Auto Lender:

Your auto lender will always want to be paid. Car insurance is important to protect the banks that have just financed your new car. If you have an accident and can’t afford to repair your car, your lender won’t stop asking for the money you owe him. Eventually, you will get into financial crisisbecause of the costs of repair and loan installments. Car insurance is the only way to ensure that you can continue to make your loan payments. Lenders will require you to have car insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage. Both types of coverage protect the physical value of the car.

Benefits of Add-ons:

When you go for comprehensive coverage of car insurance policy, you can choose from many add-ons. For instance, if you travel a lot with expensive items, you can opt for “loss of baggage cover.” Likewise, depreciation waiver cover is also a good add-on to consider while purchasing a car insurance policy. Of course, the amount of premium will increase with these add-ons so choose wisely. 

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