7 Auto Detailing Tips And Tricks For The DIYer

July 30, 2021

Vehicle detailing is important to restore the sparkling appearance of your car. You may need to do this to get rid of contaminants, which could put your health at risk after a long period of exposure. Additionally, auto detailing can improve the value of your vehicle in case you’re seeking to sell it soon.  

What You Need For DIYing Your Automotive 

Now, better for you if you can manage to DIY your vehicle detailing work. This can save you several hundreds of dollars, which, in the long run, can translate to a big save. However, you need to have the necessary tools to thoroughly detail the interior and exterior of your car. Good detailing goes beyond the ordinary car washing as it may focus on the hidden crevices of your car to remove all the grim.  

For instance, you may need to apply a new paint coat, which may require you to have a spray gun, such as the Fuji Spray Auto V8 model. But you need to ensure that your spray gun is working properly. So, before DIYing your vehicle’s clear coat, service your Fuji Spray Auto V8 spray gun pattern control to ensure professional paint coating results.  

Here are some hacks that work for auto detailing DIYers: 

  1. Clean The Mats And Carpets 

If you’ve planned to spend the weekend detailing your vehicle, it’s generally recommended that you begin with the interior to allow it time to dry as you work on the exterior. First, dust your carpets or mats. You may then clean them using water and shampoo to get them looking new. For rubber floor mats, you may have to give them a good scrubbing to remove grim, and, then, rinse them.  

After you’ve cleaned your mats and carpets outside the car, air them to dry. You should return them inside once you’re done with detailing the exterior.  

  1. Wipe The Dash 

Over time, grime and dust may accumulate on the dashboard of your car, as well as the inside of the car doors. Therefore, you should use a coffee filter to wipe these places. A coffee filter is made of a material that helps you to clean and wipe dirt quickly, leaving the surface looking clean and smooth.  

  1. Detail The Air Conditioner Vents 

The AC vents can quickly become dingy and dirty. However, with a foam craft paintbrush, you can clean the inside of the holes from accumulated dust and grime. In case you don’t have a foam brush, you can get it from your local craft store or hardware at a friendly price.  

  1. Clean The Crevices 

The crevices of your car can accumulate substances that might begin to produce a bad odor if not removed. So, take a flat-headed screwdriver and cover it with a microfiber cloth. Carefully and gently clean the grime. Besides, you can use an old toothbrush to remove excess grime and dirt.  

  1. Deep Clean The Cup Holder 

The cup holder is another area that easily gets dirt and other types of mess from the spillage of fluids. Thus, it may appear stained and untidy. To help you, get a cup of the same size as the cup holder and cover it with a soft cloth. Spray the cloth with a cleaning solution, then, put the cup in the cup holder and twist it until it’s been thoroughly cleaned.  

  1. Remove Window Streaks 

Apart from a good window cleaner, you’ll need to use a good cleaning technique and a piece of cloth. Distilled water is better compared to tap water. Spray a detailer cleaning product on a microfiber cloth. Rub the cloth vigorously on the inside and outside of the window. After you’ve scrubbed the window, using the dry side of the cloth, wipe the residues of the detailer product.  

Proceed to spray the window with distilled water. Then, take another cloth and wipe the water from the window, paying attention to the corners of the window. Finally, turn the cloth to the dry side and flip it on the window to get a sparkling clean window.  

  1. Detail The Headlights 

Vinegar is an effective solution when it comes to cleaning dirt and discoloration out of discolored or foggy headlights. Spray or wash your headlights with vinegar and wipe using a microfiber cloth. On the other hand, if your headlights have become too foggy, hazy, or yellowed, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar can also be used to make wax for the headlights as it’ll reduce the chances of fogginess in the future. 


If you can afford the time for auto detailing your vehicle, you don’t need to take it to a commercial auto detailer. You only need to make use of the hacks given in this article, with the inclusion of others that you can study online. To restore your car to its original aesthetic glory, ensure that the carpets are thoroughly cleaned, wipe the windows with a good detailer product, as well as clean the crevices and the dashboard. Finally, detail every part of the exterior of your automobile. 

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