7 Easy Fixes to Make Your Car Run More Smoothly

When you get into your car, it is vital that you feel safe and secure. Taking good care of your car is one way to help you feel confident on the road. Here is a list of easy fixes to make your car run more smoothly.

1. Owner’s Manual

It might seem boring, but read the owner’s manualas soon as you purchase your car. Then spend time reviewing the car manual regularly. It can provide helpful and specific tips to keep your car functioning properly and maybe even teach you some new tricks your car has. 

2. Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean can help make it run more efficiently. Just like having a clean house makes you more comfortable in the home, so does a clean car. It gives you the incentive to regularly clean the car to keep that feeling. Keep a dry cloth or some wipes made for cleaning a car inside your car to maintain that cleanliness inside as well. 

3. Gas Tanks Stays Full

Make sure the gas gauge never drops below half full if you can. This isn’t a case where it’s ok to look at the tank half full and be happy with it. By providing a full tankat most times, your car doesn’t have to work overtime to search for fuel. It’s the same as using food to fuel you so you don’t get as tired during a workout. 

4. Change the Oil

Take your car to an expert to change the oil regularly. Good mechanics will also check other aspects of your car during the oil change to make sure everything looks right. Not changing the oil for extended periods of time will destroy the engine and ruin your car. 

5. Check the Tires

The tires are the base of your car and must be in good condition to keep you safe. Get them rotated every six months to a year. And have the treads, rims, and axel checked regularly as well. Make sure if your tires are in good condition before heading into winter or summer especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions (ice and snow in winter, or extreme heat in the summer).

6. Inspect your Engine

car monitoring systemcan be a great investment to know that your car is up to speed and is working right. Many dealerships will do checkups for free on your car’s well-being. Find out if your local dealer for your brand of car does and get it checked. And if you ever take your car to a mechanic for something else, ask them to check it, just to be sure. 

7. Monitor Belts and Hoses

Frayed belts or hoses in your car can cause accidents or major problems around the road. The longer you drive and use your car, they lose elasticity and have to be traded out. Again, when you take it to an expert, ask them to check the belts and hoses if they aren’t already.

Using preventive measures and checking up on your car regularly can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, as well as saving frustration and driving in unsafe conditions. Be aware of weather and changes in your area that can affect your car’s wellbeing, and if something ever feels off, take it to a pro immediately.

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