A Guide to Increased Road Safety

People tend to have a massive breakthrough in all walks of their lives as they qualify and get their driving licenses.  Opportunities can arise by learning how to operate any vehicle. 

However, learning the basics of driving is just a part of the story. You can also implement the driving discipline that you had acquired on the road, in your life. Just like learning the basics of a computer, you also have to learn some driving skills.

Our economy is heading towards an era where almost everyone will own a car as a means of safe transportation. As such, people will suffer from the increasing road tragedies brought by an increasing number of vehicles. 

Learning to drive safely tremendously reduces all possible risks on the roads. Plus, defensive driving can be acquired through driving schools. Driving schools EzLicence is one of the famous ones. Defensive driving is a driving technique you use to defend yourself against collisions with reckless, bad, and drunk drivers.

Driving skills that ensure safety on the road

  1. Defensive driving 

A definition from Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle operations describes defensive driving skills as driving to save lives, time, and money considering every condition of the actions around you. It is a set of road skills and strategies that prevent accidents. This technique is an essential skill where you control the speed of the car and your reaction time. It also includes a complete understanding of the various road conditions.

  1. Steering techniques

The standard steering technique of the 10 and 2 o’clock position is the safest bet in maneuvering. However, things changed when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended putting the drivers’ hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock position. One of the critical reasons is that this position keeps your hands out of the airbag as it deploys. 

Hand-to-hand steering is a method suitable for making turns, and you can proficiently learn this through driving schools. When it comes to driving schools, EzLicense is one of those which has many expert instructors. You can do this by pushing one of your hands on the steering wheel while the right hand slides from the top and pulls down the wheel until the turn is complete. This technique suits precise maneuvers very well, stirring through curves and intersections – especially useful when skidding. 

  1. Braking techniques

Mentioned above is the term skidding, which often happens when braking too fast. You can lose control when braking, especially on gravel, snow, and wet roads. In preventing your car from skidding, gently put minimal pressure on your breaks and gradually increase tension to bring your auto to a full stop. 

Another simple skill you can learn is engine braking. Experienced drivers use this braking skill to easily maneuver the car movement when driving on downward, slippery, steep and long slopes. In performing this technique, the car owner needs to release the accelerator and let the engine do its job. It saves the brakes from overheating and excessive wear. 

  1. Operating a manual car 

Some drivers may still prefer operating a manual transmission since it is handier for the future. Globally, the car industry produces more automatic cars, but it would always be beneficial if you also learn how to drive the stick. Operating an automatic transmission on unpaved roads and mountains is risky for less-skilled drivers. 

Driving an automatic car on a hilly road will require knowledge on engine speed, breaks, and gears. You might ruin a gearbox if you do not shift to level 2 while ascending. On the other hand, overheating can happen if you do not change gears while driving down a slope. 

When planning to own a car, safety is always at risk. However, following all the road signs and mastering the skills will lessen the chances of collisions on the road. But, it is not just the ability that you have to muster, but you also have to be disciplined and respectful when dealing with fellow drivers at all times.

Author bio: Darren Wilson.

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