A How-To Guide to Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic coating for one’s vehicle is the latest trend sweeping across North America. Ceramic coating ensures a beautiful glossy finish, while simultaneously protecting the vehicle as well. Ceramic coating is perfect for car owners who are tired of car wax breaking down or degrading over time and those who wish that more effective protection from environmental hazards, such as rain, hail, and even stones, existed.

Luckily, ceramic coating for cars can be found in all major North American cities at various retailers. Do not hesitate to call one’s local auto detailer today.

Ceramic Coating Defined

Ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with a car’s surface. This superficial layer is guaranteed not to wash away or break down over the years.

Types of Ceramic Coating for Cars

Three main types of ceramic coating are currently available.

  • Polymer/Epoxy – Polymer is considered the most popular type of ceramic coating. It becomes a layer on the actual vehicle, and the only way to remove it is through polishing.
  • Quartz – Also known as silicon dioxide coating, quartz is provide a much harder surface than other types of coating. 
  • Hybrid – Hybrid coatings combine both polymer and quartz coatings.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

There are various benefits for coating one’s car in ceramic.

  • Saves Time and Money – Unlike car wax, which only lasts about 3 months, ceramic coating is much more durable and can last a few years. It also adds a layer of protection not seen in wax. Vehicle owner’s are saved from repeated wax applications.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing/Enhances Look of Paintwork – Ceramic car coating leaves the vehicle with a beautiful, glossy finish. Best of all, it does not fade from the sun over the years. In addition, vehicles look cleaner for longer.
  • Adds Value to the Vehicle – Although all vehicles begin to depreciate the second they leave the lot, maintaining it will allow one to sell it for maximum profit later.
  • Easier to Clean – Ceramic coating makes vehicles much easier to clean because the solution used is hydrophobic. This means that it repels water. In addition, mud, rain, and dirt will be repelled as well, as they will have a more difficult time bonding with the paint on the car’s surface.
  • Increased Protection and Durability – Ceramic car coating is known to give vehicles a semi-permanent layer of protection. The body of the car will be protected from the scratches and chemicals. Since the coating bonds with the paint itself, and is impossible to dislodge.
  • UV, Rust, and Oxidation Protection – Ceramic coating is known to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, erosion, such as oxidation and rust may be prevented as well. In unprotected vehicles, dirt and pollutants can sit in paint pores.

Ceramic Car Coating Process

A professional ceramic coating process typically takes up to 5 days. However, 1-3 days is quite common as well. Certified and professionals apply the products, and the process is much more labour intensive and detailed than DIY car coating. Ceramic car coating includes everything from application to curing. 

Considerations When Purchasing Ceramic Coating

When purchasing ceramic coating, users are encouraged to consider several factors. For example, the age of the car. Newer vehicles require the best type of coating, as owners want them to look glossy for longer. On older vehicles, one may use a medium priced brand. It is best not to waste resources, if the car is not going to be used for much longer.

Weather is also a determining factor in choosing ceramic coating. For those who live in sunny areas, ceramic coating is highly advised to prevent fading and paint oxidation.

Finally, car usage is also an important consideration. If one uses their car frequently, a ceramic coating to protect against the weather and hazards is recommended.

Costs of Ceramic Coating

The cost of a professional ceramic car coating costs about $1,500 to $2,500USD for a superior package, including top-of-the-line coating and lifetime warranty. For $900 to $1,400 USD, services include medium-level products and a 5-year warranty. From $600 to $900 USD, protection is guaranteed for 24 months.

The costs of DIY ceramic coating ranges from under $40 USD, which are often not very reliable, and therefore, not recommended. In the $50 to $100 USD range, a medium quality coating is possible, which will last up to 5 years. Finally, over $100 USD provides users with top quality products. Most coatings are expected to last the lifetime of the car. $280 USD is standard for very high quality.

In contrast, waxing amounts to about $740 USD over a 2-year period.

Costs will vary based on the size of vehicle as well.

Ceramic car coating is the best way to protect and preserve the gloss of one’s vehicle. Various vehicle detailers offer a wide range of services, so do not hesitate to contact one today.

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