Apps You Should Get if You’re Driving an Audi

While Audis are already famed for their in-car technology and gadgets, there are even more impressive ways to interact with your car through your smartphone. Audi has created a series of must-have apps to help every car owner have an even better driving experience. 

We are not talking about apps to help with directions as there are lots of those out there already. 

We wanted to share with you, some specific apps for Audi owners, so we spoke to Emily at They have hundreds of used Audis for sale and know their Audis inside out. Emily shares some apps with us that are all designed to make the car-owning experience even more memorable. 

1. myAudi IQ

The myAudi IQ app is available with Audi models from 2016 onwards and is designed to help new owners learn about and engage in more depth with their new car. 

The app provides a virtual tour of your new car, including a 360-degree panoramic learning tool which covers both the interior and exterior of the car. 

There are video tutorials which can provide you with all the information you need about your new vehicle in an easy to digest format. 

Other features of the app which are really helpful include access to the Audi Quick Questions and Answers Guidebook – for everything you wanted to ask. 

The app also gives you access to a digital owner’s manual for your particular vehicle, as well as a really useful Bluetooth compatibility listing tool. 

2. Audi Library

The Audi Library is a great app for all Audi fanatics as it provides access to a wealth of interactive material relating to the brand. 

The library includes video content and engaging stories to help you uncover everything the premium brand stands for. 

The information you will find in the library includes details of all Audi models and ranges, as well as guides to the company’s innovative technology. 

The interactive app also gives new Audi owners access to useful items including vehicle brochures, brand stories, engaging video content and much more.

3. MMI® Connect App

The Audi MMI® App enables you to manage many of the electronic systems on the car, including entertainment and navigation, using your phone or tablet. 

You can search for destinations online and send them directly to your car from your mobile or tablet. 

You can also use the app to stream music, find your car if you forgot where you parked it, and receive live traffic reports. 

With the Audi MMI connect App you can use lots of services which are accessible from the car or from your mobile, for example, you can access: 

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    Traffic online
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    myAudi Destinations
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    Picturebook Navigation
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    Online music providers

4. Audi roadside assistance app

This app enables Audi owners to connect directly with Audi’s roadside assistance partner as well as providing the details for your nearest Audi service center. 

The app can enable you to get help if you need a tire changing, a jump start or to be towed, by connecting you to the roadside assistance service.

Audi partners with roadside assistance partners to bring 24/7 roadside help coverage to new car owners, linked through the app. You can call for help at the touch of a button. 

No more scrabbling around trying to find the helpline phone number which came with your membership and you hadn’t looked at since joining a roadside assistance service. With this app, you can call for help quickly and easily at the touch of a button. 

But even better, if your car is still driveable, it will give you the exact location of the nearest Audi specialist center, enabling you to make your own way there rather than having to wait around for someone to come and give you a tow. This app really does help to put Audi drivers’ minds at ease while out on the road. 

5. e-tron® connect

If you own an Audi A3 e-tron vehicle, this app is perfect for you as it has been designed specifically for this type of car. The app allows you to use a smartphone to check your car and manage functions. 

Once you link your smartphone to the app and platform, you can examine data about your car’s status. For example, you can see how much charge it has, how far it could travel before needing to be charged and also your current electricity consumption levels. 

You can also use the app to start up the air conditioning or the charging process remotely. You can even set it to charge or turn on the air conditioning at a set time – to make sure the car is all ready to go when you are. 

This series of apps have been designed with the Audi driver in mind, with most applicable to all Audi makes and models, with a couple of exceptions. Whether you opt to use the videos and 360-degree tours to understand your own car better, or you are an avid fan of the brand so devour the library, there is an app for every type of Audi lover. 

If you want more practical applications, then the Audi connect app is the best around to improve your driving experience, with the option to send your destination directly to your car, rather than faffing about trying to programme a sat nav. And once you are safely on your way, using the car’s guidance system, you can stream live music and control the internal air conditioning from your phone, or the car itself, making the drive as smooth and carefree as anyone could imagine. 

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