Best Floor Mats for Summer 2021

When you drive a truck, snow, rain, mud, dirt and other nasty stuff come with the territory. You may not pay much attention when you’re hauling cargo or tackling backcountry terrain. But you can clearly see the aftermath later on – caked-on mud, clumps of clay, half-frozen slush, gravel and maybe whatever your dog or cat drags in. That’s why floor mats are absolutely essential no matter where you off-road. This short write-up shows some popular options plus a few other accessories to keep your interiors looking great.

How To Keep Your Truck's Interior Protected

When you’re riding in the great outdoors, floor liners and custom car seat covers are your best defenses against…well, the great outdoors. With so many to choose from, it can be a little difficult to figure out what you need. Materials and fit are two important keys in selecting the best products for your vehicle. Floor liners usually come in carpet, rubber, rubber composite, vinyl or polyethylene. Car seat covers are usually made from canvas, neoprene or leather. Some covers feature neosupreme, a neoprene-like material with a foam backing.

The Importance of Floor Mats

Floor liners serve a straightforward purpose – keeping your floors cleaner. But they’re more than just simple barriers between your boots and your vehicle’s pristine floors. Their materials should last through repeated wear, day in and day out. And their basic constructions should also divert liquid and debris away from the floor. All-weather floor liners are your best bet for this kind of protection. A few high-quality options remain popular among off-roaders:

  • Husky Liners WeatherBeaters
  • WeatherTech DigitalFit Liners
  • MaxLiner All-Weather Mats

Husky Liners is one of the most popular brands of floor mats on the market today. Riders highly praise its WeatherBeaters mats for their fit, durability and performance. They’re made from DuraGrip, a rubberized elastomeric material that withstands everything from water to battery acid. WeatherBeaters also incorporate a precise FormFit design with raised ridges that contain spills and stains. StayPut cleats keep them anchored in place.  

WeatherTech’s DigitalFit Liners are another off-roading favorite. They’re crafted from thermopolyolefin, a high-density tri-extruded plastic that’s both durable and flexible. With an exact computer-designed fit and a lipped tray design, DigitalFit liners withstand whatever you track in. Liquids are directed it into a reservoir where they can’t slosh onto your floors.

MaxLiner’s All-Weather mats balance flexibility with long-lasting wear, thanks to its low-density eco-friendly polyethylene material. These mats feature raised outside lips and molded edges to trap liquids and debris. Reinforced edges stand up to season after season of wear. And with their textured surfaces, these mats deliver excellent underfoot traction.

Before You Go Shopping

Gearing up often means preparing for the worst that Mother Nature has in store. Besides typical essentials like tires, winches and aftermarket lights, floor mats and custom car seat covers are definite must-haves when you’re going off-road. No matter what gear you buy, shopping at a reputable dealer is crucial. Choose one specializing in off-road parts and accessories to access the best inventory ad value.

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