The Best HID Headlights Conversion Kits Reviewed

Necessity is the mother of all inventions no matter what the humans have come up with in their history of evolution. They have kept evolving through the time, and so does their inventions. From simple light bulb to LEDs, from halogen headlights to the Best HID Headlights, engineering knows no limit.

The importance of headlights is something not to overlook at. Acting reckless or ignoring the safety is not a good habit and should be dealt with a little seriousness. A fast moving vehicle with poorly operating headlight could be a risky venture, no matter whether you are inside of the vehicle or walking down the lane. So play safe and upgrade your automobiles with an optimally performing HID headlight kit. In this article, let us take a look at some top quality High-Intensity Discharge headlamps available in the market and on the eCommerce websites.

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What Is An HID Headlight?


High-Intensity Discharge Headlight in short HID headlight is a very common type of headlight used in modern vehicles. It works by generating an arc between two tungsten electrodes fitted inside a glass bulb made up of Quartz and filled Xenon gas under high pressure together with small amount of Mercury and other metallic salts. Running current heats up the gas to a temperature where it begins to illuminate the bulb and emit an intense beam of light.

Why Is An HID Headlight Better Than Traditional Headlamp?

Halogen lights come at cheaper prices, and for this reason, they are the most sought after lights in auto-world. Easy to install, low price, and brighter illumination it has all to be a part of the automobile industry, no doubt about that. Then why go for an expensive light source? Engineers have done so much of brainstorming day and night to bring out a product for no reason; it could only be a joke to tell and laugh for centuries.


This product provides the brightest illumination leaving the halogen light fairly behind. Even expensive LED headlights could not withstand to the quality of illumination you get from this light source. This light does not stop at just providing a crisp lighting and clear view to the road but also allows buyers to look for other options like illumination range and colors.

The headlight consumes a power of 20 amps for ignition but settles down to just three amps for continuous use. Your traditional headlight uses 15 amps for continuous use which is too much if compared to this lighting kit. Since it does not use a filament to go red hot to light up the surrounding so it comes with an added advantage of lasting longer than any other light source in the auto arena.

In a nutshell, let us have a quick look at pros and cons of HID Headlights:


  • High light disbursement
  • Very low power consumption
  • Longer life
  • Color options


  • Glare
  • Expensive
  • Long warm up time

Top Best 5 HID Headlight Kits

To rate a product has never been an easy task for me. It takes a lot of effort to go through each and every detail of the product. Learn about the company history of the past products. Compare the products at every level side by side and see for their effectiveness and worthiness. One cannot go after writing anything and everything the company claims. Breaking down is a very necessary step, and one cannot overlook it.

Having said that and after taking all the pain, this time I am going to sort out the list of top 5 HID light source kits for automobiles. And the list goes on as follows

1. OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Conversion Kit

The Blitz Bullet is the World's Smallest Kit yet so powerful. The capability to fire over 357% more light down the road and the credit to the Blitz ASIC 3000 HID chipset. No mounting needed, thanks to its in-line design. This product comes with two bulbs, two ballasts, and a two-year free warranty, perhaps all you need from an affordable product. It gets the support of T6 Aluminium alloy shell casing and IP67 water resistant silicone making it durable and waterproof.


  • World's Smallest Kit
  • Easy installation with a simple DIY install
  • No mounting needed
  • Installed with a 35w ASIC 3000 HID chipset
  • Has the potential to blast over 357% more light on the track
  • Ballasts have been tested to last over 4000 hours
  • Provides a Free installation support if the purchase is made from OPT7 Lighting
  • Comes with 2 year warranty.
  • Provides an excellent customer support


  • A few issues with regards to its service life have been registered

2. Apex HID Conversion Kit Wth Slim Ignitor

This kit ensures you with improved visibility and more safety while driving at night. It will provide you with 2 Apex HID bulbs and 2 Apex slim ignitor ballasts to light up the road with 6000K Diamond White illumination. The company also offers a wide range of color temperature ranging from 3000K (Golden Yellow) to 30000K (Exotic pink) and even green to enhance your driving experience.


  • Great product at a fair price
  • Plug and play installation
  • Lasting 10 times more than your halogen headlights
  • A large base of satisfied customer
  • Completely waterproof and shockproof


  • Only a few complaints about its durability have been registered

3. Xtreme Vision HID Conversion Kit

If you are looking for a more reliable, durable and safer option in the HID light source, you will love this product for sure. Providing you with two 35W slim digital ASIC powered ballasts, two HID xenon bulbs and ballast mounting brackets for plug & play installation. This is a good product to have at a pretty low price.


  • 35W digital ballasts
  • ASIC powered guarantee a good illumination
  • Easy straight forward installation
  • Plug and play feature is available
  • A good replacement for halogen headlights


  • Takes a little longer to warm up and flickers quite often
  • Little scope to choose color
  • Issues with color grading

4. Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Innovited AC 55W with Slim Ballast is a high-end HID kit which guarantees you a superb light output to ensure you have a well-illuminated surround while driving at night. It is has a good power saving ability consuming 35% less power and hence, generating very little heat during operation.

The company was a little late to step up into the arena of HID headlight manufacturers. However, its strong features and good marketing not only saved the product from losing out the battle but also helped it in grabbing the market soon with a large number of satisfied customers.


  • A 55W power wattage equals to 12V.
  • Provides a service life of about 5,500 hours
  • Good customer support service


  • It works only for 10 months
  • Some other minor issues

5. Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

This is an outstanding kit brought to you by Kensun. The tag of Best Seller itself is more than enough to tell you that this kit is serious about its business. The kit offers to you all possible features one will look for in an HID headlight. The bright and clear Fused-Quartz Xenon Bulbs from Kensun come in a wide range of colors (3000K to 300000K). Kensun's customer support service is excellent.


  • A brand you can trust.
  • Greater illumination at a very low power consumption
  • Takes up to 20 amps for ignition then settles down to just 3amps
  • No flickering and fatigue
  • Easy installation
  • Mind blowing customer support


  • People may not like the packaging in first place.

The Verdict

The market is flooded with a number of HID kit manufacturers. They all have something to offer. Well, it's true that nothing can be perfect, but we still look out for something which could stand quite close to it. We look for the product that has the capability to perform, is user-friendly and can offer service over a long span. And one such HID kit manufacturer is Kensun. This conversion kit is loaded with a number of strong features that makes sure you don't have to look at the other products out there in the market and wonder, "I wish I had this feature in my kit too."

This kit has every key feature that any HID kit manufacturer could offer you at this moment. I will go on to say that some HID kit product could not match up to the standards Kensun has set. With bright and crystal clear Fused-Quartz Xenon Bulbs, it provides you the best illumination of the road leaving others way behind. Well, could there be anything better than being able to clearly see the road ahead and spot any potential danger? Nobody will like the idea of risking his/her life owing to a low performing headlight, right? To make your driving experience even better Kensun provides you a very wide range of colors (3000K to 300000K) to choose from.

This product is the "King of the Ring" with currently holding the #1 Best Seller crown up on its head.

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