Best Off Roading Trails in Georgia

Georgia is a vibrant, green state that leads the nation in the production of peaches, pecans and peanuts, but what’s sometimes overlooked is the amazing vistas this southern portion of the united states has to offer if you’re ready and able to head off the beaten path. Georgia is host to a huge number of off-roading trails that help the adventurous soul explore the greener parts of the state in peace. Take a look at 5 of the most popular riding trails in Georgia:

1. Davenport OHV Trails

This 5.9 mile long trail is generally recommended to young off-roaders or those who are new to navigating rough, uneven, rolling terrain. That being said, this trail is not without its challenges. The trails are built to accommodate ATVs and motorcycles that are designed for off-roading – no cruisers will be allowed. The trail takes riders to an impressive overlook of local Nottely Lake as a reward for braving the bumpy twists and turns.

2. Beasley Knob OHV Trails

With two entrances and a whopping 10.6 miles to explore, this trail system is one of the most remarkable in all of Georgia. It’s built to accommodate 4-wheel-drive vehicles as well as the usual ATVs and motorcycle and offers a huge amount of variety when it comes to the trail drivers will be facing – gravel, rocky hills, dirt paths that extend throughout the Chattahoochee National Forest. This popular trail is one of the state’s most challenging, though, so it’s advisable to pick up a few truck accessories in Atlanta like spare tires and a winch before you head out.

3. Oakey Mountain OHV Trails

At 9.2 miles, this rugged trail system stands apart from the rest by offering off-roaders convenient access to camping spaces throughout their adventure. There are 6 camping sites located near the trailhead, bordering on Lake Rabun and Lake Burton. The trail is open from April until January, and is only suitable for smaller off-road vehicles – specifically those with an axle width 50” or less.

4. Houston Valley OHV Trails

This trail system is the largest set of trails dedicated to off-road excursions in the entire state of Georgia. The wooded system offers a range of difficulties, making it great for riders of any experience level and provides the dedicated rider with beautiful scenery regardless of which route they decide to take. The trail is located in one of the most scenic portions of northern Georgia and is open from early April until late December. The trail may also be closed for days on end after heavy rains, so it’s always best to call ahead and check the status of the paths before heading out on your ATV or off-road motorcycle.

5. Roberts Bike Camp OHV Trails

This trail is a specific 8-mile portion of the Town Creek OHV Trail System and offers riders a fun variety of trails alongside simple amenities such as picnic tables and bathroom access. The trail features two loops. The first, Loop A, may only be accessed on two-wheel vehicles. The second, Loop B, accommodates both motorcycles and ATVs. This trail is often closed due to less-than-ideal weather conditions, so calling ahead is always a good idea.

Whether you’re looking for a simple trail to patrol or you’re looking or a real challenge, always remember to hit the rugged path prepared. Upgrade your truck rims, keep a spare tire on hand and have a tool box at the ready to ensure you’re able to handle whatever these beautiful trails have to throw your way.

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