Best Racing Outfits That Every Racer Must Have

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Racers always ask what are the best stuff to wear during a race day. Each race day must be special and racers must be totally prepared– from head to foot.

Here is a guide on what you should wear and what you shouldn’t during your race day.

Let’s start with what NOT to wear:

  • Don’t wear anything Cotton. It could absorb water easily and could weigh you down.
  • Just avoid wearing anything white unless you’d want it to go gray for good.
  • Don’t use just the regular running shoes as they could be unstable and might not have the traction you need to overcome the uneven and muddy terrain.
  • Don’t race with your car keys, wallets, sun glasses, iPod, wedding rings, or any other kind of jewelry or thing that you deem valuable. You can’t afford to lose them.

Now, let’s go in detail and tackle about what to wear.


Shoes are a necessity in car racing. If you don’t use the right pair of shoes, you can hardly end up winning. Thus, take time to invest in the right shoes to make sure that your driving on your race day goes all right.

  • Wear a good pair of running shoes that can offer the kind of traction that you need to stand amidst the muddy and uneven terrain.
  • Pick a pair of trail running shoes which is lightweight and has enough drainage when soaked or wet.
  • Ensure that you take time to run some trails in the pair of shoes that you intend to use on the race day.
  • Shoes can end up real dirty after the race. However, you need not to throw them away immediately. Using pressure washer, you can easily remove the dirt.


This might sound insignificant, but this actually has an effect too. Use the right kind of socks to ensure that you’re gonna get your head on the game with comfort.

  • Wearing thin socks is ideal. Grab socks that are made from synthetic material and not made from cotton as it could retain much water.
  • Use socks with individual toe slots (also called toe socks). They’re way more comfy when your feet go muddy and wet. They could also reduce the possibility of having blisters. Ensure that you do a few test runs with your shoes on first. This ensures that you can really feel ultimate shoe comfort on your big day.
  • Using tall compression socks is also a good alternative. This kind of socks can avoid tiny stones to get in between you skin and socks. They could also prevent calf cramps and protect shins. However, this type of socks could cost higher than the regular ones.


Yes, even your undergarments matter. Here are the things you should keep in mind in picking the right one to wear on your race day:

  • Use compression shorts or Spandex underwear, even for women. Again, no cotton.
  • Remember: If you intend to use pricey compression shorts or a lingerie, they could end up real dirty and even after washing, they may still smell like mud.

Shorts or Pants:

Shorts and pants should be cozy too. Here’s what you need to take note of when deciding what shorts or pants to wear:

  • Wear 5” or 6” compression tights/shorts or running shorts. This could help you lessen the chance of chaffing.
  • Try looking for shorts with no pockets or if it does have pockets, they shouldn’t be too many. You might collect extra debris and mud along the course with lots of pocket on your shorts or pants.
  • If you’re wearing pants, look for compression wicking material.
  • Compression tights are recommended (short or long) with board shorts or moisture wicking over it. Same thing for the ladies.
  • Make certain that there’s a good Velcro or draw string on whatever it is. This is to save you from the embarrassment of unintentionally flaunting your butt.
  • Know where the hot spots of your body are so that you can lube up before the race. There are affordable lubes that work great such as baby diaper rash cream A&D.

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This can be the most important part, so check the tips below to avoid wearing the improper tops.

  • There are lots of male elite and pro OCR athletes who prefer to run with no shirt and the ladies wearing just their sports bra. Skin dries real quick than any sort of fabric.
  • If you’re a guy who don’t wanna race without a top and a girl who don’t wanna go on with just your sports bra, then just resort to a short or long sleeve compression shirt.
  • If you’re not fond of compression shirts, then simply use a shirt with moisture wicking material. But again, no cotton.
  • If it’s cold outside or if you’re sensitive to cold temperature, wear a windbreaker that doesn’t absorb water. Get ready to take it off as you get hot and bring it with you till the end. Don’t litter.

Head Gear:

This could be optional, but in case you really want to use one, remember this:

  • If you want to minimize sweating, it’s better off without a head gear. However, if you really wanna have one, just use a bandana. You can also put it around your neck easily when you are no longer using it.


This can also be considered optional. However, keep in mind that:

  • Wearing gloves isn’t usually recommended as they could end up wet. However, if you must wear them, make sure to grab a good pair of wide receiver glovers. They’re suitable and can stay well while giving you a good level of breathability.


Your eyewear could be necessary especially if you’ don’t have a 20-20 vision. However, there’s a way to go about it better:

  • If you tend to bring eyeglasses or sun glasses, they may end up lost. If you have poor eyesight, better use contacts.


For extra protection, sunblock is indeed necessary.

  • It’s essential to secure your skin from the scorching sun rays. Long sleeve shirts and the mud you’ll eventually get could help. However, you should still go the extra mile to apply sunscreen prior to your race for extra protection—unless you’re working on your tan.


This can be just an add-on, but for personal style, you can still wear a specialized one:

  • Again, this isn’t recommended because you’re not gonna use it the whole time anyway. But if you can’t go without one, there are watches that are really made for that purpose like the Casio G-Shock Mudman Watch.

Hydration Pack:

This is very important. Keep this note in mind:

  • Especially if you’re racing in longer sprints, you have to keep yourself hydrated. There are hydration packs available in local stores.

These are some of the things you should consider on your next race day. Know the dos and don’ts ‘s in terms of outfit and what to bring to make sure that the whole thing flows well—even to the tiniest detail. Once you have taken care of the right outfits you have to wear, you can easily bring it on with coziness and comfort. You certainly don’t need any distraction. So, make sure that your outfit itself gives you the focus and comfort you need to bing home the bacon.

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