The Biggest Car Shows In The World You Should Visit

January 16, 2018

You consider yourself a car enthusiast. You know everything about cars, and you know the latest brands in the market today. You have the know-how in repairing different car models, and you devote your spare time researching the newest releases by some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. Before your friends purchase a car, they always seek your recommendations because they know you’re one of the best people to ask. Your e-mail account is filled with newsletters from subscriptions about cars, car parts, DIY car repairs and the newest car showrooms opening around your area. This kind of thing clearly interests you, and you’re willing to spend your time to learn more. You’ve memorized all the shops in your area, and now you want to satisfy your hunger for all things cars. You think you can do that by visiting different car shows around the world.

With this in mind, you decided to type in these keywords to look for possible locations for the best car shows. Once you read through the results page, there are a hundred suggestions, and you just don’t know which to pick. Everything seems so good, and you’re confused about which to visit first. To help you sort out your next car show destinations, you can read through this list instead:

1. Rétromobile in Paris


This car show has been held annually since 1976, and if you’re a true car enthusiast, you must have heard about this in the past. This is a car show which showcases the best classic cars out there and no matter what type of car you’re into, there’s always something for you. This car show features models like Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini. The list of models goes on and on every year, with an addition to some modern masterpieces.

2. Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo


This might be new information to you, but Honda and Toyota are actually from Japan, which makes this country perfect for just about any motor show. If you’re into the concept and traditional production vehicles, make sure that you have this one on your bucket list as this one features more than 40,000 of the former. Tokyo is one of the cities which is first to come up with next stage automobile engineering so you can be sure that whatever you’ll see here will be groundbreaking and not seen anywhere else. 

3. Goodwood Festival Speed in England


What makes this car show different from other car shows around the world is that this is held on the ground of Goodwood State – thus, the name. This location is significant to British automotive history and visiting this will surely take you back in time. This is held annually during the summer months of June or July and attracts more than 100,000 car enthusiasts just like you.

4. Pebble Beach Car Week in California


This is an invitation-only event which means that yes, everything that goes on in this car show is designed to impress the exclusive guests. Once you’ll be visiting this car show, you should prepare yourself for a lot of things to be happening all at the same time – there’s vintage racing at Laguna, sports events like the Concours d'Lemons, and cars being auctioned for millions of dollars. Oh, and expect that you’ll be bumping into some celebrities and rich individuals once you arrive at this car show because they are usually present.

5. Paris Motor Show in Paris


This motor show started in 1898 and has been attracting thousands of car enthusiasts ever since. This event is an example of the convergence of design and engineering as this is where car designers show off their latest concept models. If you visit this car show, you’ll definitely be in-the-know when you talk to your friends about what could be the car models coming out the next months, and that’s a good thing, right? 

6. International Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland


This car show is held at the Geneva Palexpo Convention Center which is beside the Geneva Cointrin International Airport. With this location, more tourists and foreigners get to visit the car show too. This event started in 1905, and this is where international combustion models were first displayed. If this is your forte in cars, you should never forget about visiting this car show! Unlike other car shows around the world, the International Geneva Motor Show showcases benzene and steam-powered vehicles, along with different exotic car models.

7. Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in China


Most brands participating in this car show are Audi, Bentley, BMW, and Jaguar – so if these manufacturers produce some of your dream cars, you should obviously head to Beijing. This car show has been happening since 1990, and it has been prominent in China since then. This country has been considered as the fastest-growing market in the automotive industry so if you’re looking for a one-stop shop car show; the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is the place to go! 

Cars are your cup of tea. This is what your blood keeps pumping and visiting car shows makes you happy. And you’re striving to be on top of the game – if you visit car shows around the world, you’ll finally be able to live out your dreams of the person looking at car models making their world debuts. You get to study the parts first and be able to compare models side by side. Attending one of these fine car shows can earn you more knowledge about cars and fuel your hobby! We hope you like this article from Street Wise Driving.

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