Buying The Best Trailer Hitch Lock with Reviews

A trailer hitch lock can be a reliable and a useful security device to the people who fancy their trailers a lot. Well, not just vacations only but people who keep valuable stuff in their recreational vehicles. I am saying this because you may plan to visit a place with your family maybe for a weekend just to chill and traveling, but you may not be fully aware of how the security condition of a place is like. Some people may invest a lot in their trailers just to make it suit their class. If you have a golden toilet seat in your recreational vehicle and you are traveling to an alien place, don't you think it will be a good Idea to use a trailer coupler lock for your trailer just to prevent it from being stolen and for security convenience in general?

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What is a Hitch Lock?

Think about having a good time this weekend at the beach. So you hitched your trailer and secured your boat on top of your trailer. On reaching the beach, you run into a longtime friend of yours. You two decide to grab a drink at a nearby bar as you catch up. You pack your tow truck somewhere "safe" and head to the bar. You come back to your truck later, and all you can find is your pickup truck, but there is no sign of your trailer and a boat.

A hitch lock is a security device designed to keep your trailer securely locked and hooked on your truck. It prevents thieves from stealing your trailer. Just like a door lock, a hitch lock keeps the receiver and the hitch intact until you use a key or a number combination to unlock it. So it will be difficult for a thief to unlock and steal your trailer.

Hitch locks come in different shapes and sizes. Their designs vary and how you will lock the receiver and the hitch is different in all the hitch locks. This is to ensure that a thief will have a difficult time trying to break through the lock and steal your trailer as we all know that with time, locks are bound to be broken into. Hitch locks were created in different sizes so that they can fit across different classes of hitches. So a good lock is the one that perfectly fits any kind of your towing equipment.

Advantages of Having a Hitch Lock for Your Trailer

Hitch locks are popular today for the trailer owners and mostly for the people who like traveling a lot or camping using their trailers. If you fit in any of this category then this accessory will be of much help to you. It will ensure an absolute security for your trailer when you visit places you are unsure about the state of the security.

Having a hitch lock installed in your hitch and receiver even if you are not going to use it most of the time, will serve as a security deterrent to thieves who are determined to steal your trailer. No thief is willing to take his time to break the lock and steal your trailer.

Hitch locks come in different sizes and shapes, so it is going to be easy to find one that will perfectly fit your trailer hitch diameter and secure your trailer.

The Most Secure Hitch Lock Design

People often get confused at choosing the most resistant hitch lock design despite the availability of so many designs. I prefer using a barrel-key design mostly over the flat key design because finding a professional key cutter that is going to make you a copy of a barrel key is going to cost you more than the flat key. All the locks can eventually be unlocked (defeated) if a thief is more determined and takes his time to forge it.

The Top 5 Best Hitch Lock with Reviews in Market

Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock

The heavy duty tough Auto Trailer Hitch was designed to be of a high quality and offer top security to your trailer just like the best locks available today. It can easily be adjusted to fit any hitch size and the material used to make this lock are strong and of high quality that it won't be easy to drill out. Tough auto ensured that they come up with a product that is going to defeat all kinds of weather. So don't expect the surface to have rust or be corroded in any weather condition.


  • Easy to install
  • Can withstand any weather conditions
  • Made of high-quality material to offer high security
  • Can be used on any hitch size
  • Comes with two keys
  • Affordable


  • A determined thief can still defeat the lock and take your trailer
  • Doesn't fit a 2 5/16 hitch size
  • No warranty available

Trimax UMAX50 Universal 'Die-Cast' Dual Purpose Coupler Lock (fits all couplers)

The dual ratchet Trimax UMAX50 can perfectly fit all the coupler kinds with ease, and I must say that it is highly trusted by people who have trailers to provide security. It is made of steel material meaning that the quality is high and defeating it will really require determination and time. The perfect fitting key is a plus to those who are fond of extreme travels on off-roads, so be sure that no dust will enter inside the lock.


  • Can comfortably fit all the hitch types
  • Offers extra high security with the two ratchet locks in case you forget the main lock
  • Rust proof
  • Made of steel
  • 360 degrees protection against theft


  • Not durable- locks fall out after some time
  • Keys get stuck to the lock- difficult to operate
  • A determined thief can still defeat the lock and steal your trailer

Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

The design of Reese Towpower Universal Coupler Lock kind of looks the same as the one of 72783 Trimax UMAX50 Universal 'Die-Cast' Dual Purpose Coupler Lock except that the key hole for the Reese Towpower hitch lock is located on the side. The lock comes with two keys making it easy for you in case you lose one. You can easily lock it on any of the 11 positions. The locking bar is made up of steel. I must say that the features go hand in hand with the price of the lock.


  • It is cheap
  • The steel locking system makes it hard to cut through
  • Comes with two keys
  • Hard to break into
  • Fits more than two hitch couplers
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The lock can easily be defeated
  • Less secure- can be opened with different keys
  • The tongue width is too small to fit the other sized hitches

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal 'Solid Hardened Steel' Trailer Lock (fits all couplers)

Trimax has been on the market for quite a while now, and their locking systems are pleasing. I admire the dual ratchet locking system on them because they make sure that your trailer is still secure in case you left your main lock unattended to. One specific size of this type of lock can perfectly fit a variety of hitches, and if you are worried of dirt and other foreign objects entering and damaging your lock, then Trimax ensured that the key hole is placed up and it has a cover. Thieves cannot twist the lock in a certain degree to remove the lock from the receiver because it offers a 360 degrees protection.


  • Two ratchet locking system
  • Has a keyhole cover
  • 360 degrees protection
  • Can be used on many types of hitches
  • High-quality locking system made of steel


  • A determined thief can still defeat this locking system
  • The keys can be photocopied easily
  • Internal locking system is a mess- hard to unlock sometimes

CURT 23659 Trailer Lock

Do not let the design of the CURT trailer lock fool you into trying to break it off the hitch because it perfectly fits and you can adjust it to fit any size of a hitch. The lock is solid and compact offering high security.


  • Can fit a variety of hitches
  • Easy to install
  • You can lock the sides and the main key hole- high security
  • The hole covers to protect it from dust


  • Expensive
  • No return policy available


There are many ways of securing your trailer. Depending on hitch locks to offer 100 percent security is a bad idea because a thief who has time and is determined to steal your trailer can easily defeat any kind of hitch lock. If your budget is tight, then I would recommend you buy the Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock but I would advise that you keep your eyes open.

The CURT 23659 Trailer Lock seem to be more effective reliable and hard to defeat but the price seems a little bit high. That is the price for high security. Lastly, the above hitch locks have special features that make them the best in their own way. I would suggest you purchase any of the above hitch locks depending on your needs.

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