Calculate Car Shipping Cost: Factors that Affect the Cost

December 12, 2019

Logistics is a booming, nowadays, as consumers are growing and buying more due to an increase in income. This increase in income is also a direct result of the overall growth of the world economy which has increased the buying power of people from all walks of life.

Another aspect of this is the growing popularity of online shopping which has led to the need for more logistics to bring products to the households of consumers directly. This has shifted the cost of consumption from rent to transportation.

Transportation is very important in all aspects of a business. As products are moved all around the world depending on who the highest bidders are, a lot more logistics is needed. Products like food where some are only grown and produced in specific places are now getting moved around the world to quench world demand. Coffee, rice, bananas, are moved all over the world even more. Even luxury food is getting moved more frequently like European cheese, Wagyu beef, Caviar, and Foie Gras.

Aside from agricultural products, electronics and textiles are also heavily transported all around the globe as the design, production, manufacturing, and sales are all done in different parts of the world to reduce cost. This reduction in cost is based on comparative advantages of each of the locations for such and this has helped in the growth of the logistics industry.

Other than trade and commerce, another need for logistics is for the personal transportation of goods. Logistics is very important in transporting letters and packages from place to place. They make sure that these things are properly delivered. They transport letters, food, clothes, cars, and anything that you want to. Some logistic companies even specialize in moving everything you have to a different location.

If you have a car that you want to move, it will cost you some money. The cost will, of course, depend on many different factors. Here are some of the things that will affect the cost of transporting your car.

Mode of Transportation

The first thing that is considered in calculating the cost of transporting your car is what is used to transport it. If you use a plane then it will definitely be expensive. For overseas travel, it is better to transport your car by boat since it is cheaper. However, this will take some time as boats are slower than planes. If you have a deadline that you need to catch then you might as well consider using a plane.

In inland transportation, there are a lot more options. There are trailers, trains, tow trucks, and open-face trailers. Depending on what you need to transport your vehicles, there are different kinds for you. The price will also depend on what is used so it is best to ask your local vehicle transporter for quotes using different kinds of transport. For more information, you can check websites like to know more about the different modes of transportation available in moving your car.


One of the factors that will determine the cost of transporting a vehicle is the distance or how far you want your vehicle to be transported. This is so because the farther the destination is, the more gasoline it will use to get there and the more time the driver needs to spend just to bring the car there.

Since drivers are paid by the hour, the longer it will take, the higher the cost.  However, short distances don’t necessarily mean that is will be cheaper. Transporting a car will have a base cost and moving it for a certain number of miles will cost the same.

Type and Size

Other factors that can affect the cost of transporting your car are the type and size. Luxury cars are more expensive to travel as they need special ramps and need a lot of extra care to ensure that no damage will be done to them. Sports cars need special ramps to when transported as they are much lowered and transporting them on to a trailer might end up scratching or damaging the bottom of it. Size also matters because a heavier vehicle will need stronger and sturdier transport.




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