Where Can You Sell Your Scrap Car for Cash – Junk Car Selling Tips

After using your car for years, it reaches a point where it wears out to an extent that you can no longer use it. Besides normal wear and tear, your car can also fail if it is severely damaged after a car crash and the cost of repairing it is unrealistic. In such events, car owners are forced to write off the loss, while they let their junk car sit in the garage. But did you know that you can convert that junk car into some money? If you didn't know, this article suggested by Cash a Car in Melbourne would take you through the process of selling your car to a dealer for cash.

How to Make Cash for Scrap Cars

Junk Car Selling Tips

1. Sell valuable car parts

Despite the fact that your vehicle is in its end of life, some parts are still functional and they can be reused. This implies that you can sell them at a good price. ​Car experts recommend that you consider this option as the first step before you plan to sell your car for cash as a scrap.

One of the reasons why you should consider this option is that it helps you make more money out of a junk car. However, this option is better for people who can identify the valuable parts and be able to find a buyer who is willing to buy the parts at a fair price.

Some of the parts that you can consider selling are oil filters, an intact windshield, your car engine, door handles, car rims, batteries, tires, starters, belts, rubber hose, and any other part that is not dead yet.

2. Sell car for scrap metal

Selling your vehicle as a scrap is a fast and straightforward process that you should consider if you want to make money from your end of life car. One of the places where you can sell your junk car is in any authorized treatment facility or a scrapyard.

3. The charitable option

Another attractive option from which you can make money from your end of life vehicle is to donate it to a charity. In this option, you contact a charity that accepts dead cars, and the organization will come and tow away the junk car.

However, you should not expect the charity organization to give you cash in exchange for the junk car donation. Instead, you should take advantage of Internal Revenue Services’ Tax relief for people who donate cars to charity. With this option, however, you should be prepared to pass through a demanding process of filling the necessary paperwork required to secure this tax relief.

4. Contact your auto insurance for a refund

After you sell a car for scrap and you have secured the certificate of destruction, you need to contact your auto insurance and request them to cancel your policy. Afterward, you can ask them to refund some of your unused premiums. Most car insurance companies may refund an attractive amount that you can use elsewhere.

What to Do Before You Sell Your Car for Scrap

Junk Car Selling Tips

1. Remove any of your belongings from the junk car

Most people tend to store some belongings like spare parts, a toolkit, insurance card, and other documents that contain personal information in their vehicles. As such, you need to check your junk car to ensure that none of your belongings will be towed to the scrap yard.

2. Get your title ready

You will need your car title to sell your car to a scrapyard or even donate it to a charity organization. The car title helps you sign a legitimate deal alongside helping the junk car buyers to ascertain that the car is yours. If you lack this important document, you ought to consult the Department of Motor Vehicles for guidance.

3. Remove the license plates

Another important thing you should consider before your car is towed to the scrap yard is to eliminate both license plates. This is because it is a requirement that you present the number plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles when you want your vehicle registration to be canceled. Furthermore, your insurance provider might ask you to provide the license plates before they cancel your auto insurance policy.

4. Empty your gas tanks and remove any other valuable parts from your car

If you are selling your car to the scrapyard, you need to drain the remaining gasoline from your vehicle. This is important for people whose cars contain a substantial amount of gasoline. One way you can eliminate gasoline from your vehicle is through siphoning. You can also remove any other part that is in a working condition.

5. Completing the paperwork

The last thing you should do after and before selling your car is to fill the necessary paperwork to show that you have transferred ownership of the vehicle. Some paperwork is also relevant to prove that your vehicle has been disposed of properly.

Before you sell your car for cash, we recommend that you spend some time shopping around for the fairest deal. You can even do this online by searching through websites that compare quotes from different scrap yards.

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