How Car Maintenance Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Car maintenance can be an easy oversight for any vehicle owner – as long as it moves, all is okay, right? Not necessarily.

Maintenance is about much more than just ensuring your car always handles well; it is an essential part of a vehicle's security.

Of course, you could always use a garage if you prefer, but having the ability to at least carry out simple maintenance on your car is always a good idea. After all, you never know when and a breakdown can happen, so if you can learn how to identify common problems and fix them, it will be sure to come in handy.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance


Regular car maintenance won’t just help ensure your car drives better; it will also ensure it lasts longer. If you intend to sell your car, then a vehicle that has been cared for carefully and had regular maintenance will fetch a higher price as well.

There’s also the legal and health and safety concerns you need to think about as well. Regular maintenance will also ensure your car is safer on the road and can handle stress better and more secure. So how do you carry out regular maintenance on your car?

Well, first of all, don’t be put off; it is actually simpler than it looks. Below we’ve listed a few maintenance tips that you can carry out to ensure your car is always properly maintained. Whether it’s popping the hood, checking the tires or using a tracking device, car maintenance comes in many forms, but they can all keep you out of trouble.

Maintenance Tips

We’ve researched a variety of maintenance tips that will help with a wide array of different aspects of your vehicle. Everything from security to performance can be improved with regular vehicle maintenance. So let’s take a look at some easy car maintenance tips that everyone can do, remember regular maintenance is sure to help keep your car out of trouble.

Brake Dust

Brake dust can cause a lot of problems, such as a loss of grip while driving, but is easy and simple to fix. Due to static electricity moisture, dirt and grime can cling to your wheels – a simple sponge wash with cold water is all it takes to wash away dust.

Make the time to check your wheels and other areas of your vehicle; ensuring that any build up is quickly washed away before heading on a journey.

Checking Your Oil Levels


Your oil levels can drastically affect your engine's performance, and since the engine is essentially the heart of your car, it needs proper care and maintenance. By checking the markings on the stick, you can see whether your oil levels are too high or low.

Check Your Tyres

Your tires are one of the most exposed areas of your car and one of the areas that are most likely to get damaged. Despite what Hollywood might say, a puncture won’t be instantly noticeable and turn into a flat tire straight away. You could be driving around with a puncture for a long time without really realizing it.

There’s also your tire pressure as well if the pressure is too low of high it can dramatically affect how your performance and fuel consumption. A visual check on the tire treads can tell you if they require maintenance or not. If the edges of the treads are faded, then they are under-inflated if the middle is faded then they are over inflated.

Tracking Devices

A tracking device is an essential piece of vehicle security. With a system in place, you will be able to track your car in the unfortunate event of theft. Some devices also allow you to collect a range of information on your vehicle as well.

Tracking devices can be fitted to your car’s diagnostic port, and they provide you with in-depth monitoring capabilities. Hire firms, in particular, use them to monitor the performance of their fleets and drivers. Many businesses use reports generated by these systems to easily work out expenses, based on journey time, distance and fuel consumption.

You can see the video below to know how to install tracking device.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Our final maintenance tip is to always make regular inspections of your car; you could even go to a garage to get someone to check it for you. This way you can identify any issues before they potentially develop into something more serious. Regular car maintenance will keep your car out of trouble and ensure you are always secure and safe.

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