Car Window Repair Types

September 26, 2021

Even though auto glass is specially designed to absorb impact during accidents and protect passengers from injuries, it’s still prone to get chipped and cracked. Laminated glass is mainly used for manufacturing windshields, whereas tempered glass is used for side windows.

Nevertheless, when rocks, pebbles, debris, and other objects come in contact with car windows, they often end up damaged. There are multiple types of chips and cracks, which require different forms of repair.

Have a look at the most common ones.

Minor and large chips

A common type of car window repair is that of chips, which vary in diameter. The size of the chip determines whether a technician can repair it or not. Apart from its size, the location and severity of the damage play an important role in whether it can be fixed. For instance, minor chips whose size does not exceed 40 mm can be fixed by a technician, especially if they are located on the outer auto glass layer.

Nevertheless, the number of chips is also worth considering, as more than two cannot be repaired. Unless a chip is repaired soon after the damage is inflicted, it can increase in size, and the only feasible alternative would be having the entire windshield, side window, or rear window replaced. Find out more about auto glass types.

Chips whose diameter is larger than 40 mm cannot be repaired. The same goes for any damage done to the inner layer of auto glass. Furthermore, chips that are in the driver’s line of sight aren’t an option for getting fixed either. Even a simple job is likely to weaken the windshield, which is why auto glass is best to be replaced.


Regarding cracks, fixing the windscreen isn’t considered a suitable alternative if the damage is done at the edge, as it compromises the integrity of the auto glass. Cracks are riskier compared to chips, as they can cause severe structural loss. The best solution when facing such damage is to have it examined by a technician who will label the crack at first and then suggest the most appropriate method for fixing it.

There are four types of cracks known to cause severe damage to auto glass. For example, a bull’s eye crack is caused by a large object, such as debris, gravel, or pebbles. It is circular in terms of shape, as the name implies. In most situations, a bull’s eye crack obstructs the vision of the driver, impeding him/her from driving safely.

Unless attended in the fastest manner possible, the damaged area will start accumulating dirt, debris, and oil. Such an accumulation only worsens the damage and makes the repair process almost impossible. In contrast, if fixed on time, technicians will make sure not even a tiny trace of the damage is left. See this URL,, to check how to wash car windows to prevent dirt accumulation.

Conversely, a half-moon crack is similar yet different to the bull’s eye variant. Since it is caused by a blunt object, the crack is not very circular. The shape helps technicians fix it more easily, as they have better maneuverability in the cleaning and repair process.

A star break crack is a series of short cracks, which is how it got named. The damage done to the auto glass is relatively similar to the shape of a star. Hence, it can be easily distinguished from the rest of the chips. Although it starts as minor damage caused by debris, it may soon spread to the entire windshield. In such an event, replacement is, unfortunately, the only option available.

Ultimately, a combination crack is a blend of a bull’s eye and a star break, which is complicated to repair. Make sure to visit to get familiar with different types of auto glass repair. Rock and stone damage are the usual causes. Since the severity of this crack is high, only an experienced and skilled technician can repair it. It takes amazing craftsmanship to repair this sort of problem in order not to result in further deterioration.

In conclusion

Immediate action is indispensable to get your car windows repaired.

Don’t wait too long to call a highly skilled technician!

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