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Best Racing Outfits That Every Racer Must Have

Photo source: Racers always ask what are the best stuff to wear during a race day. Each race day must be special and racers must be totally prepared– from head to foot. Here is a guide on what you should wear and what you shouldn’t during your race day. Let’s start with what NOT to wear: […]

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Car’s KERS?

Photo source: KERS is now the growing trend in the automobile industry. There are lots of reasons why the market should start considering it as a worthwhile and efficient choice. Before we talk further about its perks, let’s try to dig deeper on what it is all about.  What is KERS? KERS means Kinetic Energy […]

The Flags Used In A Race And What They Symbolize

Photo source: You may have wondered why races wave different sorts of flags with different colors. If you are a rookie in this sports or you’re just a fanatic spectator wanting to recognize the tools used in your favorite pastime, here is a comprehensive discussion of the different flags used in a race and what […]