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What You Need To Know About IIHS Car Crash Tests

Photo source: IIHS tests assess 2 aspects: crash worthiness (how well a car secures its passengers in a crash) and crash mitigation and avoidance (technologies that avoid a crash or at least reduce the damages). To figure out the crashworthiness of a vehicle, IIHS rates whether cars are good, acceptable, poor or marginal, based on […]

Cars’ Aerodynamics: Here’s What You Need To Know

April 19, 2016

Photo source: Racers particularly need to have the knowledge about car’s aerodynamics. This is because it’s one of the key elements to pull off a good drive. In this article, we will discuss about car’s aerodynamics and what basic principles you have to take note of. Aerodynamics is the science of the way air flows […]

The History And Origin Of Formula One

April 18, 2016

Girls go obsessed with the latest fashion trends and make-up combinations, men also have some things to be busy about. Aside from getting updated to the latest NBA champion, men, especially those who belong to the upper class of the community, make sure that they get to enjoy themselves over fast and expensive cars. Lots […]

All You Need To Know About NASCAR

Photo source: If you love sports car racing, you may have heard of NASCAR. It has become a huge name marked in the industry for long decades. If you are interested in knowing further about this organization’s functions and origins, read on and see how the organization started from scratch and skyrocketed to fame. What […]