Choosing Best RV Mattress with Reviews in The Market

A mattress is basically a pad that is used to support the body when lying down. Mattresses have many constructional differences which include the material used to enhance their comfort. These may include foam, cotton, straw, metal springs and at times they may be filled with air or water.

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What are Mattress? Everything You Need to Know

A mattress is an important item to possess. However, they differ in many ways. This has made it even harder for people out there to get to choose the ideal type of mattress to suit them. Some of these types are as follows:

Innerspring Mattress

These mattresses employ the use of steel coils for their support. They come in a variety of types. The support system may be classified into a set of springs which are connected to one unit, or individually pocketed coils, depending on the preference of the manufacturer. However, the shapes, designs, and also the number of coils in a single mattress can vary.

Innerspring mattresses have a padding that covers the mattress. These may include different kinds of foams, fiber, and an additional layer of smaller springs.

Hybrid Mattress

This is usually a combination of the steel coil support system with a range of foam types. These foams may include polyurethane, memory foam, and latex foams amongst others.


These basically use water to provide the support system required. This waterbed may be classified into two namely hard sided and soft sided beds. In a hard sided waterbed, the water chamber is located within a rectangular wood frame, while in a soft-sided waterbed bed is typically made up of the water chamber being within a rectangular frame that is a rigid foam and has been zippered into a fabric casing. In waterbeds, the water chamber is also covered with a padding of varied types which may include foams and fiber.

Foam Mattress

These are mattresses that use a single or multiple types of foam so as to give them a support system. These foam include polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, and they could be containing gels or other materials in them. These foams can be produced in varied shapes and density so as to have a wider client base. The mattresses offer the clients different levels of comfort, feel and heat dissipation properties to suit their liking.

                                                           Air Foam

Similar to Purple, Nolah's patented AirFoam™ is truly a step forward in innovation. This responsive temperature-neutral "Memory Foam" has a bounce like latex but feels like memory foam. Technically speaking, it's resilient polyurethane foam, but infused with air, and without the heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals you'd normally find in a memory foam bed. 

Pillow Top Mattress

These mattresses provide an additional padding layer at the top of the mattress, made from different types of fiber or foams depending on the preference of the manufacturer.

Gel Mattress

These type of mattress are made from some particular foam that contains gel in them forming their support system. This has been designed to offer consumers different kinds of comfort and other properties that come with the mattress.

Air Bed

These beds employ the use of an air chamber that is adjustable to form their support system. These chambers are also padded with different kinds of foams and fibers so as to offer comfort to the consumers.

Memory Foam (Visco) Mattress

These mattresses basically employ the use of a high-density Polyurethane foam to form its support system. This may be incorporated in the padding layer. The features of this foam allow it to cradle around the consumer as they are napping giving them absolute comfort.

Latex Mattress

These are mattresses that use latex foam to form their support system. The foam may be incorporated in the padding layer as well.

Adjustable Foundations

These are not stationary, in that they allow various parts of the foundation to be bent, elevated or lowered. These foundations can be controlled to suit a couple lying on the same bed. This has been designed with the idea that comfort needs for different people vary and they should be in a position to identify and set these positions for themselves.

These foundations are powered using an electric motor. However, some can be adjusted manually. These foundations serve their purpose best when used with mattresses designed for that purpose.

The RV Mattresses


These are mattresses that are designed to be used in an RV. However, they may just be ordinary mattresses that are in a position to fit in the RV. They should be made to fit without any problems. Most mattresses are usually bigger, forcing the RV owners to do away with a few inches just so that they may fit in their vehicles properly.

Another feature that should be considered is the comfort that they offer. Travelling can take a toll on the participants, and the best remedy to this kind of struggle is a good sleep. However, a good sleep is not guaranteed in an uncomfortable mattress. This may even leave you in a more sorry state that when you were off to sleep. For this reason, RV mattresses should be very comfortable. This brings up the issue of ease in folding the mattress. This feature should not compromise the comfort of the product. A good mattress can be folded rather easily to enable its storage.


Top 5 Best RV Mattress with Reviews in Market

In order to identify the best of the best RV mattresses, we did a review of five of them based on customer reviews done on them. This enabled us to come up with a comprehensive review and also to make a verdict on which product was the best.

Zinus Sleep Master Deluxe Spring 10 Inch Pillow Top RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress, Short Queen

This mattress has been built to offer comfort for a good night's sleep. Made from numerous independent iCoils, it offers great support that ensures your sleep is uninterrupted. A 1-inch layer of foam that has been designed to relieve pressure forms the pillow top. To provide more comfort to the user of this mattress, the manufacturer placed a 1.5-inch foam paired with a high-density foam underneath the pillow top.

This product prides itself with an amazing support which is attributed to the 7.5-inch iCoil pocketed springs. This ensures that the user remains aligned without any unnecessary pressure that would disturb a rather peaceful night sleep.

This kind of comfort in a mattress is amazing for an RV, giving you all the peaceful nights you need so as to have a fantastic trip.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is firm enough.
  • It does not come with any smell.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • It is easy to setup.


  • The mattress is hard as a rock

King Size 4 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam RV/Truck Mattress Bed Cushion USA Made

The reduction of sagging due to the use of Polyurethane foam to make this product has really improved its market appeal. The mattress offers a firm surface, therefore making it possible for the clients to enjoy their sleep without any worry. The topper also reduces the need to go out shopping for a new mattress since it can be added on top of your mattress giving it a new feel. The immediate effect of comfort and firmness would be the result of adding this topper to your already existing mattress. This has been guaranteed by the use of a 4-inch Polyurethane foam. This foam offers additional support in the areas where the mattress may have started wearing out from.

An additional feature of this product is the use of environmentally friendly processes so as to make the foams, earning these toppers the PURGreen certification. This simply translates to the fact that the toppers are free from any harmful chemicals.


  • Comfortable enough even for big people
  • Can be rolled up for storage with a little bit of effort
  • It does not come with any smell
  • Does not sag


  • No negative review or cons available.

8 Inch Soft Sleeper 5.5 Full / Double RV/Truck Mattress Bed With 4 Inches of Visco Elastic Memory Foam Assembly Required USA Made

This product has been made using a technology that was first developed by NASA in pursuit of a superior sleeping surface. The mattress features a 4-inch Visco elastic memory foam that is sensitive to heat, as well as another 4-inch base component that is meant to offer support as well as spinal alignment. This ensures that comfort is attained at the end of the day. The heat elastic memory foam used ensures that whenever it is winter, the mattress is warm and it stays cool when it is summer. This feature enhances comfort and guarantees a peaceful sleep.

In addition, the contoured surface of the product gives a cuddling effect to the users of this mattress which offers the comfort needed, for everyone including users with back and neck pains. This makes the product a really good fit for an RV. A good night sleep would be guaranteed, and of course with ease in assembly.


  • It does not come with any smell
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is very comfortable


  • No negative review or cons available.

Full Size 3 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam RV/Truck Mattress Bed Cushion USA Made

Firm Polyurethane foam has been used in the making of this product ensuring a reduction in its sagging. The popularity of this mattress has therefore increased because of this attribute. In addition to this amazing feature, environmentally friendly processes have been used in the making of this product. The topper has even earned the PURGreen certification, a clear indicator that it is safe and has been made of chemical-free substances.

The topper has also been designed to add comfort, and firmness to an already existing mattress which ensures a good night sleep.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It gives very firm support


  • It is rock hard
  • It does not roll up into a smaller piece

Queen Size 2 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam RV/Truck Mattress Bed Cushion USA Made

This Queen Size 2 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane foam mattress has been built for comfort. The firm Polyurethane foam gives the mattress reduced sagging which increases its market appeal. This topper is meant to give your old mattress the feel of a new one. The effect is immediate, with an increased firmness as well as comfort. For extra support, the product employs the use of an open cell urethane foam that also supports the contours of the body of the user.

In addition, the mattress is made entirely from processes that are environmentally friendly. This has led to the topper being awarded a PURGreen certification. This simply means that the mattress id completely safe and free of any chemical substances that may be harmful. This feature makes it very appealing to the pro-green group of people. The comfort offered also makes it a very important commodity to have during a long trip in your RV.


  • It fits perfectly
  • It is very comfortable


  • It is not as firm


The best of the best RV mattress need to have features like comfort, firmness, and support as a core. However, just to set the mattresses reviewed here apart, features such as the product not having any smell, and the ease with which they are folded for storage are considered.

Based on the pros and cons highlighted here, the King Size 4 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam RV/Truck Mattress Bed Cushion USA Made proves to be the best mattress. Despite the fact that it may offer a bit of resistance when being folded for storage, it offers great comfort, firmness, support, and most of all it perfectly fits. This makes it the best RV mattress of the five mattresses reviewed here.

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