What Are Factors To Consider When Choosing Wheel And Tire For Your Vehicle?

December 17, 2016

Vehicle tires and wheels are one of the most delicate parts of the vehicle. A well selected and maintained tire and wheel can prevent accidents, increase fuel economy, provide better handling and offer much comfort to the owner.

However, there are some factors that need to be considered when choosing the right wheel and tire for your vehicle. When these factors are taken into consideration when shopping around for the right vehicle tire and wheel for your vehicle, you will never go wrong. In no time, you will surely be able to find the perfect wheel and tire that you’ve been looking for. These factors are explained further in the article below:

Signs to know you need a new tire for your vehicle


When you see the following signs on your vehicle tires, it shows that your vehicle tires need replacement.

  • Excessive thread wear.
  • Discoloration of the tire.
  • Cracking of the sidewalls of the tire.
  • The sound it gives when you make a turning

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Factors to consider when choosing a new tire for your vehicle

In selecting the most suitable and appropriate tire for your vehicle which is usually difficult and challenging for car owners. These are some factors which need to be considered. The factors are explained below

1. Check The Date When The Tire Was Manufactured

Tire manufacturer advises that vehicle tires should be changed after six years of manufacture, no matter the state of the tire. The main reason for checking the manufacturing date of the tire is that most of the tire dealers stocks old tire which are several years old already.


When choosing your vehicle tire, make sure you check the manufacturing date. It is usually written on the tire’s sidewall. The birthday of the tire is indicated on the tire by a four-digit number and it often starts with DOT which represents the week and year of manufacturing. For instance, “.5512” it means the 55th week in the year 2012.

2. Consider the wheel size

This is the most important factor when choosing new tires for your vehicle. This can be known by checking the ones you want to remove from your vehicle. The information is usually branded on the sidewall of the tire. Information like the tire type, the thread width of the tire, the load bearing rating, the diameter, the speed bearing rating, the aspect ratio, and the radial can also be found at the sidewall of the tire.

3. Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as boric acid, sulfurous acid, petrol, oil, diesel, alcohol and much more affect the vehicle tires and can reduce the lifespan of its lifespan. For instance, when tires come in contact with diesel, it causes the tire’s sidewall to crack, and when this happens, the tire’s lifespan is shortened.

Therefore, in choosing your vehicle tire, make an inquiry on the type of materials used in the production of the tires and ask for guidance in choosing tires that can withstand most environmental factors.

4. Weather Condition

This is a basic factor when choosing the type of tire to buy. The type of tire used in summer is different from those used in winter. In summer, you will need a tire that can withstand the effect of heat but in winter, you will need a tire that is designed for cold and snowy conditions.

As such, before buying a tire, you need to ask an expert to direct you about which type of tire will suit your area’s weather condition at the moment.

5. Ensure Your Vehicle Is In Good Condition


The state of the vehicle matters a lot in the selection of the tire. Make sure you check the old tire for signs of uneven wears, this can show whether your car has alignment or suspension issues. If these issues are not corrected before putting new tires, it may damage the tire, and you will be spending out of the budget in the process of getting new tires again.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Wheel/Rim

After you have selected the right tire for your vehicle, and you need to change the wheel/rims, these are the factors that you should consider when choosing the right wheel rim for your tire:

1. The Materials Used In Making The Wheels/Rims

This is one of the main factors that needs to be considered when choosing the right wheel rim for your vehicle. There are two main materials that are used in the construction of wheels, and they are steels and aluminum. Most drivers prefer using wheels made of steel because they are more durable and rugged. However, steel wheels are more expensive than the one made of aluminum.

2. Method Involved During Production

The processes in which the wheel is made are also important factors to consider when choosing the right wheel. The method used will determine how reliable and strong the wheel or rim will be. There are methods which are used in the construction of wheels/rim and these are the stamp method, the extreme heat and pressure method, and the use of low-pressure casting.

3. The Performance Of The Vehicle


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The performance of the vehicle determines the types of wheels that are most appropriate it. If you are using your vehicle for a race, you need a lightweight wheel/rim that won’t add weight to your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is used for heavy-duty works, the appropriate wheel needed is a tough wheel and they should be able to withstand daily wear and tear.

4. Your Budget


Using the factors above, you have already selected some wheels that are suitable for your vehicle. Making the final selection depends on the money you prepared for buying the wheel. At this point, you need to go for the affordable wheel that suits your vehicle. However, the most affordable wheels/rim does not mean buying the cheapest wheel. You just need to shop around.

After reading this article, walking into a tire showroom will now be more interesting because you already know the factors to consider when you want to choose your vehicle tire and wheel. Beside, make up your tire with tire shine it not bad idea if you don't have enough money. Take note, a well selected and maintained vehicle wheel and tire reduces fuel usage rate, enhance vehicle control, reduces the risk of accident and it also provide great comfort for the car owner.

Choosing your vehicle wheel and the tire will be an easy task now, and you won’t need to pay extra money to tire dealers to choose and get the best tire and wheel for you.

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