Diesel Or Gasoline? What Is The Best Fuel For A Racing Car?

November 9, 2020

Fast car racing is a very popular motorsport, especially in Britain and Australia. It has become even more popular over the last few years, thanks to the media’s glorification of life on the tracks. Sports cars are also portrayed as sexy, and watching such cars on a racetrack is close enough for some spectators to ‘own’ one. 

But for those who can own one, there are many types of racing cars to choose from, even if they’re not to be used in racetracks. Each car has its distinct design, and motorists are concerned about the details, of course. One crucial detail is the fuel it takes.  

Diesel Or Gasoline: The Debate

Did you know that one of the most debated topics in auto racing circles has something to do with which fuel is the best for race-car drivers? It may sound trivial or unimportant for outsiders, but motorsports enthusiasts know this debate well. 

With so many car brands and engine types available on the market today, it seems like the follow-up concern after knowing the model and engine combination is always about the fuel type. And it’s a legitimate concern since it seems like every time you turn around, someone manufactures a better type of engine made to work better in certain types of vehicles. Thus, it's easy to see why there's such an interest in finding the best fuel for cars, especially those used by popular race car drivers. 

With all the different engine types and fuel types to choose from, it seems like even car dealers have their own opinion about which fuel type of car is best for racing. Professional race drivers, meanwhile, sometimes opt for diesel or gasoline models, depending on their sponsoring brand. 

So, will there be an end to this debate? It might be best to see how both sides argue it out.

The Popularity Of Diesel-Fueled Cars

The new diesel-powered cars are coming out with more fuel economy, which is perhaps one major factor why people prefer to buy this type of vehicle. This implies that diesel cars are considered to be the best in terms of fuel efficiency as well as fuel consumption when utilized in the long run. 

In a race, though, diesel-fueled cars are said to have a much better performance as they have been finetuned by changing the exhaust systems, which had been found as too noisy to some extent. This new design has reduced noise quite substantially. It has also made the engine to function a little faster than before.

On and off the track, though, another thing which makes diesel fuel cars popular is their price. They’re comparatively cheaper and also offer many attractive features and perks. All these benefits are very popular among consumers and race enthusiasts.

Learning More About Gasoline-Fueled Cars

Looking at the other side of things, some say that race cars running on gasoline is what racers need to compete at the maximum level. They point out the fact that it's the same fuel type as when cars first came on the road, before the advent of fuel-injected engines. Back then, there was no competition from the carburetors, so a racer didn't need a very high-octane fuel to make the car go fast to win the race. Perhaps this is the reason why gasoline-fueled vehicles also remain incredibly popular amongst other racers. 

While gasoline has its own set of advantages, motorsports enthusiasts believe it's still the best fuel for racers as it’s the most readily available. Also, observers point out that gasoline is relatively inexpensive compared to diesel, even though there are times that the economy affects fuel prices and renders diesel cheaper in certain areas.

Diesel Or Gasoline: The Decision

Since both sides present valuable insights, it's challenging to get a general opinion or a consensus about which fuel would be best suited for race cars. In the end, perhaps the best fuel choice would come down to the race car driver’s personal preference for a car. After all, the decision largely depends on the type of racing vehicle one possesses and the kind of racing one would embark on. 

Final Thoughts

Car racing is quite an expensive hobby to keep. You need to have a good quality car suitable for racing. Moreover, you’ll need proper tires, suspension, gears, brakes, brake fluid, and other accessories to make the vehicle operate properly. And to get that maximum performance, your vehicle’s fuel should also be top-notch. Regardless if you’re the gasoline type or the diesel type, make sure that you load your vehicle with the reliable fuel brands to keep it running well.

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