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DIY Car Upgrade

Having your car upgraded couldn't be more exciting. But, for many, it's a luxury that is not cheap. Having your car "pimped" at a garage or automobile specialist can be very costly.

However, you have the option to upgrade your vehicle yourself. There are many kits and packs available for you to upgrade your vehicle at a fraction of the price. You can also get friends and family involved to make it upgrading your vehicle a great, fun, and enjoyable experience. Upgrades cannot only improve the look of your car but can greatly enhance its performance and add value to your vehicle. Be aware though that some adjustments may affect your car insurance, so check it out before you do anything drastic.

Tools for Upgrade

Car Upgrades And Their Benefits

Aesthetics is very important when upgrading your car. Spoilers make your car look super sporty. There are many varieties and sizes of spoilers available at a starting price under $50, so they won't break the bank. Some people say that spoilers can improve handling and gives more grips. In reality, you would have to do a very high speed for a spoiler to have much effect, but they look good.

Carbon body parts can also go a long way to not only improve the look of your vehicle but changing out those heavy body panels can greatly improve your car's performance making it much quicker and more fuel efficient.

Tires are a very important part of your vehicle not only aesthetically, but for reliability and from a legal standpoint. Bald tires can lead to a heavy fine. Quality tires start from under $200 for the whole set and will make a huge difference to your car.

Whole-body kits are also available and easy for a novice to fit. Some say that they can spoil the feel of your car, but it's all a matter of preference. If you are looking for a whole new look for your car, then a body kit is for you. The prices vary depending on what you are looking for so set your budget and stick to it as it's easy to overspend. Also, check your car's insurance and change any documentation should it be necessary.

The aesthetics in the interior of your vehicle are as important as the exterior. Auxiliary gauges can make a world of difference and add to the features of your vehicle. Not only do auxiliary gauges look good but will indicate whatever is happening under your hood.

Racing pedals add that extra little sporty look to your car at an inexpensive price. Starting from $5, these can be fitted quickly and easily and ramp up your vehicle.

Racing seats can also give your car that special new look while giving you extra comfort. Prices for new seats start from around $150 a set so, with a little outlay you get that sporty look with only a little work.

The car audio system is also very important to some people. A subwoofer will enhance any system's output very cheaply. Subwoofers start from $20 a piece so you can really let it rip.

Now if you want to ramp up the speed of your car, then a turbo kit is for you. A turbo will vastly improve the performance of your car without costing a fortune. You can also create your own turbo kit from scratch but buy one ready made will take all the guess work out of the maths.

Car Replacement Parts

These are just a few of the many car upgrades that can be a DIY project. If you want to learn more DIY Car Upgrades, check out our articles and blogs below.