Do It Yourself Spray In Bedliner

Pick-up trucks and double cabins come in handy when it comes to carrying stuff. The problem comes in when the truck bed coating starts to peel off, rust or suffers from dents as you are loading and offloading things from the back of your truck. If you love your pickup truck, you are going to do whatever it takes to make the truck bed shine again or look brand new again. Nothing makes the psych of driving than being seen driving a double cabin or a pickup truck whose truck bed looks like an abandoned iron sheet that has rusted in years without care. If you happen to be one of those people I whose truck bed is rusted and full of dents and holes then I suggest that you get yourself a bed liner to make your vehicle look alive and new again.

Kinds Of Bed Liners

There are two types of bed liners. One of them is the solid, drop-in kind of a Bedliner which is made of plastic. This one has lost its value in the market because of so many reasons. Even though it is quite simple to install a drop-in Bedliner in your pickup truck bed, you will have to drill some holes on the bed so that you can adjust and fix the Bedliner to fit and hold on to the truck bed. The second problem with this kind of bed liner is that it may allow water to get trapped in between the metallic bed and the bed liner hence corroding the metallic bed accumulating rusts.

So if you would ask me which is the best bed liner for your pick-up truck, then most certainly you wouldn't hear me suggesting you go for a drop in bed liner. The spray in bed liner is the best alternative. First of all, the coating not only covers the dents and protecting water from reaching the metallic bed, but it makes your truck appear like it is brand new and the coating is rigid enough to provide friction between the objects you are carrying behind the truck and the metallic bed. This eliminates the chances of your truck bed being scratched or suffer from dents due to moving objects.

DIY Spray in bed liner is a perfect example of a spray-in. A DIY spray is a simple customized spray gun that can be reused when you are spraying your bed liner. Instead of wasting a lot of money on spray guns, you can just make your own DIY can that you will be able to reuse when spraying in the bed liner.

How To Apply Spray On In Your Bedliner

  • Before you do anything, you need to make sure that the truck bed is clean. And if your car came pre-installed with the plastic bed liner then you will have to take it off carefully and then you clean the truck bed. It doesn't matter what kind of a cleaner you will use. In case there is rust that has accumulated on the surface of the bed, you will have to take it out. You cannot spray the truck bed that has rust on it. You should also fix the holes on the truck bed if there are any. This will ensure an even coding when you spray the bed liner.
  • After you are done with the washing and fixing the holes, you need to apply a solvent cleaner. This will remove all the junk that could not be removed by water. You then need to rough up the truck bed surface using a sandpaper to make it smooth before applying the bedliner. You might have to spray out the sandpaper debris out before you begin the process of spraying in the bed liner.
  • You then have to tape off the entire truck with a plastic paper bag. This will ensure that paint doesn't come in contact with the outside body of your truck.
  • You will need to cover up the parts that were corroded by the rust and the holes you filled with the rust trap using the DIY spray gun just before you introduce the bed liner because it is not recommended to spray in the bed liner on unpainted metal. After applying two layers of rust trap, you will need to scrub the dried surface using sandpaper again.
  • Get a container that you will use to mix the truck bed liner and the catalytic clear sticky solvent. The bed liner comes in a variety of colors. Not just black. So mix the bed liner and the catalyst in a ratio of 2 to 1. Stir it for two and a half minutes before pouring the solution into the DIY spray gun.
  • Apply a lighter coat on every part of the truck bed evenly except the floor of the bed then wait for about twenty-five minutes before you apply the second coat. Apply the third coat after twenty-five minutes and then begin the first coat of the floor of the truck bed. The second and the third coats of the floor need to be done from the outside of the truck after a 25 minute period. Make sure the nozzle pressure is either 45 psi or 90 depending on the texture of the bedliner you would want. It is always advisable to apply the bedliner from all the angles for a uniform coding.
  • Clear the tape off after a couple of minutes and to avoid getting the tape stuck, you have to remove it when it is still wet. And you will have an even coding of a spray-in bed liner on your truck bed.

Bottom Line

It is always advisable to carry out this task in an open area where ventilation is good, and you have to wear a gas mask to protect yourself from inhaling the fumes. Following each and every step will ensure that you have a perfect spray in bed liner that will not only protect your truck bed from rust and scratches but also from the harmful weather. A DIY spray-in bed liner is the perfect option because you have the opportunity to use any color you want and not just the specific black color.

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