Expert Tips To Deny Accountability After A Car Accident

Suppose you've recently been involved in a car accident and you were not responsible for the collision. In this case, you are likely concerned about proving your innocence, especially if the responsible party is countering your claims by insisting that you caused the accident, as many reckless drivers do. While the first crucial step is to hire an expert car accident lawyer, you should also consider these expert tips to deny accountability for the accident. 

Obtain A Police Report

The most common mistake that you can make after a car accident is failing to obtain a police report at the accident scene. However, in more severe accident cases, you might not be able to get a report at the scene, in which case, your first priority after a medical assessment should be to visit the police station to report the collision and obtain a detailed report of the incident.  

Gather Photographic Evidence

Photographing the accident scene is the best way to deny accountability as the vehicles' position often dictates who is at fault. If you cannot photograph the scene, ask a passerby to do so on your behalf, as this evidence is crucial in strengthening your car accident lawsuit.  

Never Admit Fault

You will likely have a rush of adrenaline after the incident, and you may be inclined to apologize to the other driver for the incident out of habit. This is a massive mistake as your apology will be considered admitting fault. Instead, it would be best if you said as little as possible and instead photograph the scene and swap insurance details.  

Gather Medical Evidence

Even if the collision was not severe and you don't believe you sustained any injuries, you should still opt for a medical assessment as soon as possible. Even minor car accidents can result in hidden injuries, including internal bleeding, whiplash, and even some traumatic brain injuries. Your medical records will serve as valid evidence that will strengthen your case and help ensure that you can prove your innocence. 

Let Your Accident Lawyer Handle The Case

Once you have all the relevant evidence to prove your innocence, you should hire a lawyer if you haven't already. The best way to deny accountability without making any seemingly small mistakes is to let your lawyer handle your case for you. Saying one wrong thing can put your case in jeopardy, so it's best to leave all the talking to a specialized car accident lawyer as they will know what to say.

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