Facts about Jeep PCM That Will Make You Enjoy Driving Your Cool Car with Confidence

We can all agree on this one thing; Jeeps are the coolest vehicles that exist anywhere in the world. It is said the first original jeep was designed in just two days in the 1940’s. Originally, the Jeep was manufactured for the war, and no one can really remember where the word Jeep came from. 

Some say it is a lingo that referred to military prototypes as jeeps instead of peeps. The most interesting thing is that the Jeep is named after a cartoon character. Eugene the Jeep is a character in Popeye that is named after this big car. 

What drives the Jeep?

A Jeep is a steady car, is made out of best materials that the market can offer. The most important part of this car is the powertrain control module that serves as the brain of this car. It serves the many units by being a central area that information goes in and comes out as commands. 

The strength of the Jeep PCM 

The powertrain control module is designed to serve as the brain of your vehicle’s engine. The powertrain control module is what is commonly referred to as your Jeep’s computer that controls a variety of functions including the way your engine runs as well as individual sensors that provide it with vital information.

In case your Jeep’s powertrain control module fails, you can expect your vehicle to display a number of symptoms that include the poor running of the Jeep, error lights appearing on the dashboard and an assortment of electrical problems. 

Problems with operations of the powertrain control module can be traced back to a few known causes:

  • Voltage overload – Any short circuit that occurs in your Jeep’s wiring or power supply is dangerous, and your car may not recover from it. Too much electricity will most definitely fry your Jeep’s powertrain control module. This is commonly caused by either the actuator circuit or the solenoid. It is vital therefore to ensure that your Jeep has the right amount of power supply all the time to avoid overload.
  • Faulty equipment – A faulty powertrain control module, especially when your Jeep is still new, is a blessing in disguise because it will need a replacement which is covered under your warranty. A faulty PCM that does not even complete the warranty period shows that it had problems right from the time it was manufactured, though such cases are rare and not commonly found in jeeps.
  • Environmental factors – Corrosion, thermal stress, and vibrations play a big part in the failure of your powertrain control module. If you like to take your Jeep off the road, beware of the environment you are driving it in because submerging it in water or mud can easily lead to its sudden failure.

With the slightest notice of any problem with the powertrain control module, you should report to the technician and allow a thorough checkup to be carried out. This should be done whether the PCM is faulty or just misbehaving. 

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