Finding The Best Automotive Paint Gun In The Market

You must be wondering how you are going to go about the painting process of your car. Painting a car may in some cases not be your real problems; the main challenge which many of us have is the choice of which automotive paint gun to use. Because of the lack of knowledge on the paint guns, most people suffer a great deal in silence.

Many are the times when we go to the market looking for the paint gun to help with painting out the car as it happened to me once, with little to show for. Buying this appliance without having the right information is tantamount to suicide. Ours is simple, giving you an avenue of getting to know some of the best automotive paint guns on the market in 2016.

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How to choose best automotive paint gun in the market


Choosing the right paint gun which you may need to use in painting your car could be your main problem as you are not well versed with the features of the best paint guns in the market. There are certain features I have come to know of the best automotive paint guns in the market which you may be looking for.

Like in every skill, the “how to” part of buying a paint gun is what remains an elusive part in all the areas to look at when shopping for a paint gun in the market includes;

The type paint gun to use

It is not usually common that we have the outright knowledge of the diverse paint gun which one may face in the market. There are two types of guns one can buy for use in painting cars.

The high volume low pressure (HLVP) paint guns, airless paint guns and the compressor helps in saving the paint while giving better finishes and the low-pressure ones have high-efficiency rates in saving the paint. While some paint guns may not need compressors to give that painting its worthy conclusion, there are some compressor based paint guns which one may also need to have a closer look.

The size of the nozzle

The nozzle size determines the manner in which the paint will be coming out. If one is intending to paint thin paint, then selecting a mall nozzle paint gun would just do the magic. Other paints like primers may need larger nozzles, and so appropriate choice is needed.

The magnitude of the job

Larger automotive painting jobs may call for you to consider getting the best paint gun which can be used to cut on costs. Some low-quality paint guns, in this case, may just be unwise. Some paint guns also get blocked easily while the amount of paint they leave on the surface is enormous. This may not work well on some painting jobs.

The type of paint to be used



The type of paint one intends to use determines which paint gun to buy. For instance, if the painting was supposed to be just a clear overcoat, then the choice needs to take into account the nozzles and feed sizes to make the work come out perfect.

The materials used in making the paint gun

Paint guns are mostly metallic and plastic in making. Some of the disposable paint guns would better be something which can be easy to recycle after use to avoid cases of environmental degradation. Metallic cups are stronger and are preferred in certain instances compared to plastic.

The cost / budget

Budgets are some of the underlying facts worth considering before laying hands on any of the several paint guns. Because of the different manufacturers, design, and even functionality, the paint guns come at diverse price ranges that any buyer can choose the one which fits the pocket.

Reviews of the best automotive paint guns in the market

Graco-Sharpe HVLF FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

With some of the best-backed warranties in the market, you may be delighted to see that the Graco model in the 288880 has a 1.4 mm sized nozzle and other features like the wrench and an aluminum cup. For its ease of cleaning, one may want to have a cleaning brush, which is included in the package.

Because of the fact that paint guns are being held while in use, the lightweight nature of this product is always notable as its strengths. This is one of the lightest painting guns that have won a place in the heart of painting gurus and novices. Though the painting is put in the periphery, it is one of its strengths, which makes it stand out among the rest.




  • The paint gun in its overall sense would offer some of the most exemplary painting experiences especially when used in priming because of its nozzle size.
  • A nice surface which comes out after the painting job is amazing simply because of the manner of air consumption.
  • This paint gun would give a good looking pattern because it works great on the diverse solid colors on the motor vehicle.
  • Its range of use is also one which will keep tongues wagging as it can span the light to viscous textures of paint.
  • This paint gun is cheap as it comes at the best prices though discounted differently on the diverse points of sale.
  • It is cost effective because you get what just matches your overall needs as the cost of car painting is reduced tremendously.
  • Because of the ease of setting and the addition of user concerns added to its portfolio, I fell for this paint gun on my first purchase.


  • The fan fitted on the paint gun is small and gives minute patterns which at a time does not resonate well with the car painters and the DIY specialists.

Graco-Sharpe Mini-HVLP FX1000 Paint Spray Gun

Two things which made me fall for this automotive paint gun are its ultra-lightweight and compact design. These were the characteristics that I was looking in a car spray paint gun to use on my car. However, with this product you are likely to have features like the conventional gravity and the diverse accessories which usually take the center stage for other shoppers.

But, for those who are obsessed with giving cars different paint patterns and an overall qualitative look, this may just be the paint for them as it can give different patterns as it paints. The wrench cup with pattern sized is the main player in that sense. The inclusion of a cleaning brush caps it all if one is looking for ease of cleaning.


  • The amazing price at which the paint gun is sold is an incredible fact which attracts most of its buyers who aspire for the quality aspects.
  • Its size and weight are what I liked with its use as well.
  • The design of the paint gun is great when put into practice in the market, though I love its ergonomic style also.
  • The gun is easy to fit and adjust as one can use flexible as it has various favorable fitting parts which work towards that.
  • As an air based paint gun, it has a 1.0 tip which is bound to assure one of quality painting job and a great finish as well.


  • Though the adjustable feature is meant to be to its advantage, it works to its peril as the paint comes out in uneven quantities, which may at times lead to poor paint jobs.
  • The designs of the gun also seem to put it at a disadvantage as it may not last as the user expects.

TEKNA 703566 Fluid Tip ProLite Spray Gun

The change of paint can necessitate purchasing a new paint gun altogether if no care is taken in choice. However, if the paint gun can paint any paint as we see here, then you are safe. Additionally, with the climatic factors like wind playing to the chagrin of the painter, you have the best match here.

Be it as it may, the reputation of this pain gun with its aluminum cup with large capacity, 1.4 fluid caps and the infusing of the advanced fluid technology in its use which has made it have the high efficiency it is known for. If yours is a paint thinner using any of the solvents in the market, you are home with this paint gun.


  • The excellent coat is achieved with its best paint transfer rates making the finish be smooth and admirable.
  • Price factors play out, and one is safe with the bargain as it is an all assuring investment to your pocket and the ever lurking need for car paint.
  • Because of the gun being able to work on almost all the coatings on the car, it is a jack of all trade in every sense.
  • The aesthetic touch of the paint gun and the lightweight nature works well to the advantage of its user.
  • The clear manner in which the paint gun gives the final coat is amazing.


  • It usually comes with a paint pressure gauge which may at times come out when not having any power on its battery.

TEKNA 703567 Fluid Tip ProLite Spray Gun

Lightweight pain guns will just give you some of the best services ever. At 2 pounds, you will not need to worry about the process of movement as you go about painting the car. Moreover, I have the feel of smoothness of my car coat coming back at any moment this paint gun is used.

However, it is the uncapped TE10 and TE20 air caps that provides the level of efficiency many have reported about this paint gun. The varying nature of climate and weather which affects the painting process could not have been well catered for, if not with the varied cold, hot and medium weather and climatic conditions which it can adjust to.


  • The awesome experience of the paint gun is in the manner in which it enables ease of utilization of the paint.
  • For the price, one gets just what he bargains for regarding great quality and the capacity to work even better on the car painting job. In fact, it’s a mockery of the other high priced paint guns in the market.
  • The available accessories within the paint gun package enable the user to have an air of ease when setting it up for use and eventual replacement.
  • The painting comes out as perfect as envisaged with the addition of a special finish only seen with the paint gun.
  • Quite popular in the automotive sector for its quality and good capacity.


  • In the course of painting my car, I noticed that the amount of paint which goes to waste is enormous, unlike when I use other paint guns I had before.

Astro EUROHV103 EuroPro Forged HVLP Spray Gun

Somebody said that looks alone might be deceiving, and that is what I learned with the latest range of high capacity paint guns I bought. The 600 ml cup has all one needs to hold enough paint for a whole cars job. However, it is the addition of the efficiency rate which would give some clue why this is among the best paint guns available.

Moreover, look at the air consumption rate and the ability to give patterns, thanks to the Quick thread technology, the ever smooth textured resulting features and the lightweight nature of this pain gun are the very reasons why it sticks clearly in the face of its users.


  • The gun is efficient in the course of its use as it has the Quick thread technology and better capacity to paint large automotive surfaces.
  • Looking at the gun design, you will agree on to the several other areas which make it stick out and make it even have more capacity.
  • As a high volume low-pressure gun, it is going to give some of the best car coatings, which is a clear distinction from others.
  • The paint gun holds more paint as it is aided by its 600 mm capacity cup.


  • Some things in the market may lack replacement parts, and the paint is one of them.

Astro 4008 Spray Gun

Ease of cleaning is the attribute you may be looking for on the spray gun of your choice. Moreover, you may be like me, with this thing with adjustable fan controls when choosing the automotive air gun sprays. This Astro 4008 spray gun is just perfect for me. It has a nozzle which is 1. 8 mm. This is enabling this spray gun to be efficient in the course of its use. Additionally, the 1 quarts dripless cup will enable the user to have a continuous supply of the paint in use.

Being an air gun, you are going to have more advantages to its purchase than you may anticipate. For instance, the minimized waste of paint is visible while its use in the diverse painting jobs ranging from primers and the other areas of heavy coats will make you have just the desired feel on your car body.


  • It is surely is my favorite paint gun as it has the most exemplary range of service provision. Take its ability to give diverse forms of coating on the car body as some of the best examples.
  • The cost function attached to the paint gun will just blow the user off as it is friendly to your pocket.
  • One will equally love the ease of cleaning, which has been one of the areas I have come to admire with this spray gun.
  • With this gun around, the user is going to enjoy every bit of automotive painting as it will last as long as it may be needed around.
  • As I love the lightweight nature of the paint gun, you will also do as it makes the process of movement in the curse of painting easier.


  • Though this s a good paint gun, take the time to read through the user instruction and learn its components before embarking on using it as it may embarrass you as well.

Astro 4538 Economy Air Undercoat Gun

Undercoat on vehicles to fight rust is not an easy thing to do and one needs something for that. Having the ability to work on all paint types with two tubes and a lightweight build will deliver that needed painting touch. This paint guy boasts such characteristics. Additionally, this paint spray gun is easy to disassemble and clean as well.

Price factors affect the pocket of those who wish to buy the paint gun in a great way. It is for this reason that the cheap gun brings some change to your pocket while allowing you to have the best painting feel on the car, thanks to the pneumatic system of this gun.


  • The lightweight nature of this paint gun is what most people love as it makes the act of painting more convenient and fast.
  • The price of this paint gun is also low so it allows the user to save on the out of pocket expenses in automotive painting. It may also come with the best discounts in some platforms.
  • Its design is fantastic making the quality of the paint gun and the overall resultant coat of paint fantastic as well.
  • The siphoning ability of this paint spray gun allows the ease of use as it can be used from a distance as long as you have a bottle or container which will contain the color.


  • This paint spray gun has a likelihood of the tank which is needed to work with it not be well fitting as it may be necessary.
  • The appliance gives out abundant amounts of paint at one go which at times make the coat uneven.

Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

Just like in the adage of new wine skins being better than the old, this new range of paint gun from Devilbiss replaces the old unconventional products. The high volume pressure of this paint gun will get the best rating among the many items the automotive painters would love. The anodized parts on this product are some of the areas which make most of its functions to move to its conclusive end. Moreover, it is very easy to clean.

The inclusion of the additional fluid tips and the precision based machined air cap which explores the principle of the atomization of paint are notably its greatest features. Moreover, the inclusion of several adjustment gauges in this paint spray give the desired smooth finish which is the dream of anyone needing a very nice and quality paint on their cars.


  • This paint gun gives a great finish as it has diverse gauges allowing for setting the desired finish.
  • The multiple fluid tips allow one to have ease of flexibility in the course of its usage.
  • This is good paint spray gun at the price it is sold because it reduces the overall cost of painting your car.
  • It is a high-quality paint gun as it is made up of high-grade stainless steel. This makes the process of cleaning it quite easy.
  • It is very efficient, thanks to its high volume pressure transfer functionality.
  • It can last for a very long time, thanks to the versatile nature supported by its stainless steel components.
  • This paint spray gun also looks nice because of its great design and quality components.


  • The paint gun is not meant for making any form of mistake in the course of preparation.
  • Using the gun requires the presence of other small components, the lack of which will present a lot of problems.
  • This paint spray is not good for clear painting as it gives out a lot of paint quantities.

DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

With a pack of several painting gun accessories, the high volume low-pressure painting gun is bound to suit the needs of anyone interested in getting a painting gun for use on their cars. The inclusion of the accessory kit adds some glamour to the whole affair. I got interested in this product just because of that.

The diverse tips, the wrench, and the impressive cup all work to deliver the top range of painting work which can span up to 50 vehicles or even more. In spite of all these, the amazing thing is its cost-cutting measure. This forms the biggest advantage anyone would enjoy upon purchasing this paint spray gun.


  • Because of the perfect finish this paint gun gives, you are not to be bothered with the painting process and the result, whatsoever.
  • This paint spray gun can be used to paint different paint types.
  • Its different tips offer flexibility, convenience, and creativity.
  • The cost cutting measure of the gun well documented the fact that it is a high-volume low-pressure spray gun and the several areas the paint gun covers.
  • The gun is of high-quality, thanks to the different painting touches which it has to offer.
  • The reliability rate of the manufacturer is high and it comes with a guarantee that whatever fault arise, it will be fixed in real time.


  • This paint gun needs an extra compressor to function properly. This, in some cases impede its operations and quality.
  • The lack of use of metal cups makes it prone to breakages and leakage of the paint.

Automotive Paint Gun Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cause of spray pattern distortion?



  • There are several causes of distortion of the paint pattern. In severe cases of tip destruction; the spray gun could be delivering too much paint. In such a case, replacement of the worn tip is the remedy. However as with restricted filters, the use of several guns with large tips is also one of the known causes of distortion on the paint pattern.

2. How do you determine the pressure you need with a paint gun?

  • The use of pressure loss calculator tool is the best if you wish to establish and determine the amount of pressure that you will be needing at the beginning of the painting job.

3. Why should I clean the paint gun filter?

  • Most of the spray guns are made to be frequently cleaned after use to make the filters clean. But because they are usually made of stainless steel, they do not rust however they collect a lot of dirt so they should be cleaned. Cleaning filters will bring back your spray gun to life and will also help you save some money in the long run. With proper maintenance, your paint spray gun will last long and you will not be replacing them soon.

4. Why do I need to flush the fluid horse on the paint gun?

  • The horse is likely to contain paint inside it, so they should be flushed. And because of their costly nature, cleaning the liquid paint horse of the paint gun may just be the secret to saving you lots of money. For instance, in the course of painting, flushing the fluid pipe ten times will help the user to save at least a gallon of paint.

5. What is the effect of tip wear to painting?

  • Automotive paint gun tip controls the flow of paint, and as it wears out, the flow rate is bound to increase. The tip also decreases in size which will also decrease the paint pattern size. Also, the increased flow is a precursor to wastage.


Painting as is noted is not an easy undertaking. Getting the right paint gun is not something worth failing to consider. Putting every consideration of cost, design and the manner in which the paint gun is to be used on your automotive may save an individual painter a lot of time and money.

And with all these considered, you can be sure that you will only be getting the best among the best automotive paint guns in the market. That is the paint gun for cars that will not only offer the best results but will also last long with everyday wear and tear.

While most novices’ could be at sixes and sevens thinking of which of the many paint guns in the market suits them, a solution lies in the right information. In contrast, professional painters have a field day because they have a bag of experience spanning several years in the trade.

What is more, few share the knowledge as it has been done here, as I said, I hope this was helpful. If you have questions, let us know by comment below, thank you! By the way, if you want to your car more impressive, maybe you need add some car subwoofers in your vehicle. Make your car better, make your life funnier!

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