Finding The Best Car Wax for White Cars

Why do you need to paint your car's metallic surface? The answers are simple. It is required to check rusting, deterioration, and maintain a fresh look as well as long life. The best wax for white cars does the same thing to the white and light colored cars. They both form a protective coating on the surface and thereby check the outer coating from reacting with oxygen in the air to form metal oxides. In a simpler form, they check rusting of the surface.

Why let the car lose its shine first and then get treated for it? As we all know that prevention is better than cure, so it would be a good idea to take some pain and do your car a little waxing.

In this article, we will not only review best car wax products but will also help you learn all about car wax and waxing.

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What Makes Up A Car Wax?

The main ingredients of a car wax formula have long been carnauba wax or beeswax blended with other compounds like natural oils and petroleum distillates. But things keep on enhancing with the time and newer inventions. Some modern day car waxes also use certain polymers and resins to increase hardness and glossiness of the wax. Let us have a quick look at the ingredients and their purpose for being used in the manufacturing of such products.


Carnauba wax is the most important plant wax from a commercial point of view. It is a type of hard wax obtained from a species of palm tree which grows in Brazil. It is used for polishing cars and furniture, for it adds a nice gloss to the surface.

Beeswax is a durable wax found in honeycombs and used in car wax formulas to provide a protective barrier.

Natural oils, like the one present in linseed, are good emollients which are often used to add an extra gloss, luster, and protection, to the painted metallic surfaces.

The synthetic polymer is nothing but a kind of man-made wax. It is typically a new additive in the detailing scene which is now being frequently experimented to imitate the deep and wet shine of carnauba wax.

Petroleum distillates are by-products obtained from crude oil distillation in a refinery.

Synthetic resins are plastic-like substances which are frequently found in auto paint sealants.

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Forms They Are Available In?


There are three forms of car waxes which are currently available in the market. Every form has its own specialty and effectiveness as per your requirement.

You can opt for spray wax to do a quick makeover without investing too much hard work, but they will not last very long, and you will have to re-apply them within a short period of time.

The liquid form is second in the list. You can quickly spread it over a section of your car, but to spread it evenly is not that easy and it dries up quickly too.

Paste form is easy to spread, but you will need to be quick because it will dry out soon. If you will compare it to liquid one, it may not be that good in performance.

How to Use a Car Wax?

  • First and foremost, do not apply the wax to your vehicle unless it has been washed properly with a car wash product and dried off well in a cool place.
  • If the coating is too rough to touch, use some clay available for the vehicles.
  • Apply some amount of wax to the waxing foam pad and with gentle pressure work the wax into the paint Three to four overlapping passes is more than sufficient.
  • Work on one section at a time until you have finished with the car.
  • Take a clean towel and finally, wipe it off.

Note: All products do not work the same way. Please do go through the precautionary measures before getting your hands dirty on it.

Best Car Wax for White Cars Review

Out of so many products that are available in the name of car wax, here is a short list of the most popular as well as the most effective car wax for white cars. Let us take a closer look.

1. P21S-12700W Carnauba Wax


(Image source:

This carnauba and beeswax blend are a magnificent car wax available to you in the market. Quite capable of returning the gloss to your vehicle as you would have expected it to. Whether you apply it by hand or with any wax foaming pad, it doesn't matter; you will get rid of all imperfections and discolorations in your paint coat. It has added some spark to its name after being rated the best paste wax in an independent test. It's easy to apply and easy to remove, leaves behind no powdery residue and white stains on rubbers and plastics.


  • It is very easy to work with
  • Does a deep cleaning of stains and hazes
  • Adds a bright luster to the car paint
  • Leaves no stains and residues


  • A bit over priced

2. Chemical Guys GAP_620_16 White Hybrid


(Image source:

An ultimate product when it comes to improving gloss and paint work of the vehicles. It adds to your car a deep, wet and bright shine. It is a premium sealant and gloss enhancer all in one and is meant for white automobiles. Its ability to fill minor scratches is quite impressive. The wax can get rid of minor stains and imperfections. Use this product after clay bar service and before applying any sealant to add to your vehicle an extra shine.

It can protect your paintwork against pollution, water spot, and harmful ultra-violet rays. Micro-cleaners penetrate deep into the scratches and reduce their visibility. White hybrid stands out amongst other product from Chemical Guys.


  • Superior quality gloss enhancer and sealant
  • Provides a deep and bright finish
  • Perfect for white cars
  • It is very safe for all color finishes
  • Easy to apply with hands


  • Not known till date

3. Meguiar’s G6107 White Wax Paste


(Image source:

This is a complete product for cleaning, polishing, and adding a sparkling gloss to the white automobiles. This wax is formulated with an advanced blend of micro-cleaners to eliminate below surface imperfections. It will definite add a gloss and luster to your car paint. The Carnauba wax and special synthetic polymers bond together, to bring out a product that will provide a long-lasting gloss to the paint.


  • It provides a long lasting protection against imperfections for white cars
  • Micro-cleaners help restore luster and gloss
  • Easy to apply, just follow step by step instructions that's all
  • Can be applied with hands and machine


  • Inability to provide protection against UVA and UVB
  • Not much difference between this wax and other non-color based waxes
  • A little expensive but worthy to have

4. Chemical Guy’s WAC_313 White Wax


(Image source:

The Chemical Guy's WAC_313 gives your vehicle an impressive white tone. This is an advanced formula which enhances the shine of white and light colored automobiles. Top class protection against ultra-violet radiations which can deteriorate the paint of the white vehicle and cause yellow discoloration in them. Its patented Color Enhancing Technology enhances the natural beauty by eliminating any discoloration and yellowness it the paint work.

It has been formulated using a high-tech synthetic formula, uses synthetic wax and super polymers that give your car a brilliant shine and clear reflection. White colored vehicles are prone to get stained by water spots and industrial pollution. UV rays take away the gloss and color of automobiles and leave them discolored over time. WAC_313 is capable of tackling both the situations like an expert.


  • Protection against UV rays and industrial contaminations
  • Maximum gloss and clear reflection
  • Acts as a shield to prevent fading of the paint coating


  • Not easy to use

5. Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax


(Image source:

Adding to this list is a serious competitor Dodo Juice Diamond. You can get home this wonderful white wax which delivers the best results on light colored cars especially the white ones. To maximize the efficiency of this product, you can use Dodo Juice Lime Prime for cleaning the impurities in the paint prior to waxing your car. This way you can achieve a bright gloss and absolutely clear reflection for your car. Should I use a hard wax or a soft one on my car? Does this question trouble you too? Then Dodo Juice has a solution for you.

Apply Diamond White Hard Wax as a base coat then apply Light Fantastic (a soft wax from Dodo) on top to get crystal clear reflection and deeper gloss.


  • Carnauba wax based product, especially for white and silver cars
  • Offers a glossy hard finish and amazing water-beading
  • Good at keeping UV rays off the automobile


  • The size of the jar is small, and it gets tough to dig out the wax


Since there wasn't any remarkable difference performance wise, to sum up, we would say that all products are worth their price. Some of them offer you a better protection from ultra-violet radiations other can deliver an amazing gloss and can also reduce the visibility of scratches. Meguiar and Chemical Guy are two brands that have proven their worth time and again. They are also the leading brands in the wax manufacturing world.

If we would recommend a product, the Chemical Guy's GAP_620_16 White Hybrid is the best car wax for white cars. It is the toughest contender to beat. It not only stands out when compared to products of other manufacturers but also to products launched by Chemical Guy's itself. It is definitely a premium quality sealant and gloss enhancer with a remarkable ability to fill up minor scratches. The product contains micro-cleaners that go deep into the scratches and make them less visible to onlookers. All in all, it is a good solution for scratches and damaged paints.

We hope this review has helped you learn about the best car wax for white cars and waxing itself..

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