A Guide to Finding The Best Jack Stands in The Market

Jack Stands used to be important in car repair mechanics. After some time, though, those owning cars had to get a pair for repairs that they can do themselves.

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What is a Jack Stand?


Jack Stands are critical safety items that one needs to when working underneath vehicles. They are tripod or tower shaped, and come in pairs. The sole purpose is to hold an elevated car. But first, there is a jack that lifts the car a few inches off the ground, with the sole purpose of changing a tire and is packaged with a car when buying. However, to be able to perform more maintenance things below your vehicle, one needs the jack stand that safely holds up the car, so that it does not come back tumbling down on you and break your rib cages.

They feature saddle-shaped tops that are designed to support the vehicle axle. They should only be used on level, hard surfaces, and should only be used for vehicles that are within the weight capacity of the stands. Jack stands are most commonly used with floor jacks. They have a weight capacity of 2 to 25 tons. Stand heights range from 13 inches to 25 inches, but could also go up to 6 feet.

Floor jacks are extremely helpful when operating under the car. They have a low to the ground unit feature that has four wheels and a long handle. The user uses the pump to activate the hydraulic lift portion of the jack. The low base unit allows it to be easily maneuvered. The pump needs to be closed before lifting the handle to raise the jack. This is done by turning the handle clockwise. Turning the handle anticlockwise opens the valve and lowers the jack saddle. Jacks are only used to change car tires and to help install the jack stand. The jack stand, on the other hand, is efficiently used in doing repairs underneath the vehicle as they offer stability and are safe.

Before using jack stands, ensure that you check the following:

  • Consult the manual guide for the recommended lift and support spots on the vehicle.
  • Jacks are only used to lift the car off the ground, jack stands hold it high in place.
  • It is not safe to go underneath a vehicle that has been held up by a jack or any other material that is not a jack stand.
  • Check your jack stand for any welding blotches or any other problems, that may cause accidents when you're working, before buying, or better still, before every use.
  • Jacks and jack stands should only be used on a level surface.
  • The car should be in park and parking brake engaged before being lifted.
  • Gently shake the car when it's been elevated on the jack stands to check on stability before going underneath.

Advantages of Jack Stands


When you have repairs to be done underneath your vehicle, you will need to have enough space to freely move your hands, be able to install the broken items and even pass your tools. This requires for your car to be elevated off the ground and Jack Stands are just about this. They help to hold up a car above the ground for you to work under your vehicle.

Unlike the milk crates and the cinder blocks that were used, jack stands do offer a much stronger support. Milk crates can easily bend, and cinder blocks are not as hard as they seem. Jack Stands are much more safer so that the car does not fall down on you and cause a fatal accident.

Jack stands are safer to use because they are more stable as compared the makeshifts that are used to support cars during elevation and can easily fall upon small triggers. The stands come with sturdy wide stances that offer stability. Some even have ‘foot' like stands at each corner of the base.

Using a stand makes it easy for the one working under load to efficiently and quickly regulate the height of the stand. Unlike the improvised versions, stand height can easily be adjusted and maintained to the preference of the mechanic until work is finished.

The Top 5 Best Jack Stands with Reviews Available in Market

Performance Tool W41023 6 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand

WITH A RATED CAPACITY OF 6TONS, it has a lift range if 15-1/2" to 23-1/2". It has been made with very durable steel and a wide base. This ensures strength and stability under load. Best suited for cars and light-duty trucks. Although, they are too strong and are mostly used for the big cars, trucks, and vans.


  • They are strong and sturdy, providing a safe haven for someone operating under the car.
  • Easy to adjust the height to your liking.
  • Very affordable.


  • Quite tall for a car.
  • They come in very flimsy boxes that tear easily and cannot hold the weight of the both of the jack stands.
  • They do not come buffed and polished, for those who love perfect, the paint might be a little chipped on the purchase.

Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands, 6 Ton Capacity

This is a 6 ton jack stand designed with safety in mind. It is built with formed steel frame with tough, rugged constructions. The stand has folded metal footing, spread wide, to protect the ground under the jack, and stability, even when the car rests on top. This jack stand also features a multipurpose handle that you can use as a carry handle and saddle column release. It has a lift range of 16-1/4" and 25-3/4".


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.
  • They are very stable and sturdy.


  • Too expensive.
  • Come with a terrible packaging.

Torin T46002A 6 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

Sold in pairs, these Torin jack stands were made to increase productivity and enhance safety. They are featured with double locking pins (patented) to add extra security when working underneath a vehicle. The total capacity for both is 12,000lbs, and the support range is 15-1/16" and 23-13/16". They are certified products that meet the ASME Safety Standards.


  • Are best suited for trucks and SUVs as they are huge.
  • Comes with a unique double locking pin to ensure safety.


  • Has no warranty.
  • Instructions on the packaging are not fully stated for consumer comprehension.
  • Some welds are blotched, creating fear among users.

Powerzone 380037 6 Ton Steel Jack Stand

Powerzone Jack stand pair has a 6ton capacity with a lift range of 15" up to 23-1/2". This pair is a heavy duty construction made of a sturdy steel frame and a wide base to ensure strength and stability. It Is also equipped with convenient ratcheting locking bar for easy multi-position height adjustment.


  • This pair of jack stand is very strong and stable.
  • Has a multi-purpose height adjustment ratcheting locking bar.


  • Do not have a warranty.
  • Powerzone jack stands are very tall and cannot go lower than 15".
  • Clanking metal noise as you move them into place. The company could add rubber feet feature to minimize clanking metal and provide added grip.

Craftsman 4 Ton Jack Stands

This Craftsman pair has a total of 4 ton, with each jack stand possessing 2 ton. The lift range for this is 12" to 17-5/16". It features a ratchet design for fast, easy and secure adjustment. For added stability, the stance was made wide enough with sturdy metal construction. It also has a Counter-weighted pawl for quick adjustment control to offer secure locking. This helps to prevent the load from accidentally disengaging. It had a baked enamel finish that prevents rust and corrosion.


  • They have a ‘foot' on each bottom corner to spread out the weight uniformly.
  • They are strong and feel solid.
  • They are not as tall, and could go up to a minimum of 12".


  • There is no warranty information provided.
  • No information is given about the size of the roll pins, in case they miss out on the package.


I would recommend the Powerzone 380037 6 Ton Steel Jack Stand because of its strength and the positive reviews from those who have already used it before. It is also quite strong, apart from the clanking metal noise, which one can deal with. The price is also very affordable. They do provide a safe haven underneath as it seems more stable and sturdy.

The Craftsman 4 Ton Jack Stands would do well for those seeking minimum lift range. It is also very stable and sturdy and purchasing a pair is a sure deal. The roll pins can be bought from a good spare part dealer. Otherwise, the whole package is worth a shot.

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