Fleet Managements Tips: Investing in the Latest Technology

Running any transportation business model calls for managers and operators to be familiar with the latest technological advancements due to the competitive nature of the industry. Daily technological changes, advancements and innovations, especially emerging trends in the transportation industry, call for increasingly more efficient fleet management systems to be able to survive and thrive in the industry.

A properly planned investment in a fleet system ensures driver safety, streamlined communication and a direct return on investment. This helps to realize the much-desired profits in the industry due to time and cost savings. Here are some of the many technological investments that are available and emerging.

Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging is a compliance requirement by government regulators of the fleet industry in most countries. This technological feature also enables a seamless driver and support team monitoring system. Duties can be easily scheduled. The driver's whereabouts and truck operations can be easily monitored and recorded, reducing ever taxing paperwork procedures.

Temperature and Trailer Tracking

Fuel and operational costs are some of the challenging logistical areas of fleet management that require close monitoring. An investment in remote temperature controls and monitoring and trailer tracking technology eliminates the additional communications costs of finding out the condition of the truck at any given time. This technology saves on fuel costs with vehicle heating systems and temperature management running optimally.

Driver Scorecards

In addition to the trucks, the other most vital component of a fleet system is its drivers. It is important to monitor their scorecard in relation to showing up on time. It is also essential to understand the trucks in terms of their vulnerability to accidents, careless driving and precautions when driving. A good scorecard enables the company to encourage and retain more efficient drivers without necessarily being present to monitor the drivers. The eyerideonline.com website offers this and many other fleet management solutions for your company.

Collision Mitigation Technology

This kind of technological investment imbeds software in the trucks that detects potential careless driving, skidding and hard braking. With this kind of system, the truck safety measures avoid collisions or prevent accidents from occurring, which saves the company a lot of money.

Routing Software and Cameras

The perceptions of most people are that at the scene of an accident involving a truck and other smaller vehicles, the trucks are almost always in the wrong. Cameras that are placed strategically in and out of the truck help alleviate phony claims by those who are seeking insurance money and are interested in cashing in on situations like this. The camera will always record happenings around the truck in such circumstances.

With routing software, the controls department is able to schedule safer, more secure and more convenient routes to follow especially in adverse weather conditions, eventually saving time and money. Ultimately, the goal is to save on costs while maximizing returns on investment.


Overall, technology makes fleet management safer, easier, less taxing, more accurate and quicker. For the fleet industry to carry out its purpose of earning the desired profits within a given business cycle, it must be managed, controlled and monitored well.

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