Get To Know Burnaby Crompton Brothers Automotive Repairs

The luxury of owning a vehicle is a privilege only available to the non-marginalized population. It may be considered as the main form of transportation, but in reality, not everyone has access to it (read more). This is especially true in third world countries where the comforts of a vehicle are only for the rich and wealthy.

If you do not have a high purchasing power or wealthy parents, then you have to make do with public transport. Which, by the way, still presents great hurdles due to poor service and governance. So, the next time you take automotive technology for granted, think again.

Every day, you rely on your vehicle to provide you with mobility access. It transports you and your family with safety and comfort. It is only proper to take care of it, as it takes care of you. Here are several reasons why car maintenance is important.

1. Safety

Safety should always be a top priority of every vehicle owner. It is not just for you and your Tesla’s safety—the lives of several people on the road depend on it.

Regular car maintenance is crucial and should not be neglected by responsible vehicle owners. Even a simple checking of your break or horn before driving off the road goes a long way. Aside from these car routine 101, you should also inspect your vehicle’s engine, tires, and fluids before taking long road trips or after harsh weather.

If you are not acquainted with automotive mechanisms, you can visit a trusted shop nearby like the Crompton Brothers automotive repairs. Automotive repair shops employ professionals who have decades of experience in several automobile services. They can already pinpoint problems with one look or one wrong sound from your engine.

They can do simple engine inspections to check if your transmission is good. They will check your brake pads and fluid levels to ensure that you would not encounter a malfunction while on the road.

Getting stuck in the middle of a busy highway is frustrating. So do yourself a favor and subject your vehicle to regular car maintenance.

2. Car performance

Like a student constantly reviewing before an exam, regular maintenance is important to keep your car in good shape. Cleaning your battery and inspecting your exhausted emission system allows you to enjoy a smooth and efficient drive.

3. Save money

Getting your vehicle checked allows you or your mechanic from addressing minor problems before it blows out of proportion. Engines and automotive parts do not break down in a snap. There are small, telltale signs days before a major problem occurs. You might have chosen to turn a blind eye to it in the hopes of saving every penny.

Well, you could not have been more wrong. Neglecting regular inspections result in sudden accidents or unexpected repairs, which can cost you huge amounts of money. Car repairs and car parts are much more expensive than your regular maintenance.

According to this website (, one reason why repairs are overly-priced is because of patented car parts. The capitalist owners of automobile companies are creating patented parts for their vehicles. This means that you cannot replace a damaged car part with a generic unit. It can only be ordered and bought from the vehicle manufacturer alone.

This only applies to a regular four-wheel drive. Driverless and AI-powered vehicle repairs cost much more than the actual car’s price.

4. Car longevity

Like many people, you have probably already built a relationship with your prized possession – especially if you have already owned and used it for a considerable amount of time. It is only understandable to want your car to last a lifetime. Vehicle maintenance and repair is a sure way to extend your car’s life.

Basic maintenance will save your contaminated oil or spongy brake pedal from causing further harm. It also preserves automotive parts after long days of being parked under a brutal snowfall.

5. Increase the car’s value

If you have plans of putting your car on sale, having it regularly serviced will prove to be of an advantage. Keeping the vehicle in quality and pristine conditions increases its resale value by up to 14 percent. Investing time and money on your vehicle eventually serves a greater and rewarding purpose in the end.






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