Is Your Off-Road Ride Off The Chain? : A Quick Guide to Off Road Wheel and Tire Packages

You might be like the majority who traverse through the safe and paved path in your small and secure car. Perhaps, you are adventurous, and you like the sporty looks and the revving engines. Maybe, you are a wild, unbridled explorer who takes off on your off-road monster car and dashes through the rogue and untamed roads. If you are in the category of wanna-be-off-road-vehicle owners, here are some things you need to know before you head out to kick-off your venture.

An Off-Road Ride?


Any vehicle that has the capacity and built to weather the external temperaments and conditions of both tarred and rough, rocky, sandy, unleveled roads are called off-road vehicles. The easiest way to recognize or even characterize them is by their monstrous and outlandish physical attributes- built with large tires which most often leave behind caterpillar trails and a dynamic suspension. An off-road vehicle is a dream to ride on the most unwelcome terrains.

Off-road vehicles are popular because of their multi-faceted nature. They could be off-road racing cars and motorbikes or even tourist rides to traverse catchy locations situated further from the paved and maintained roads. The rougher and bolder the roads become, the more the purpose of an off-road vehicle emerges apparently. What essentially make up off-road vehicles outward appearance are off-road wheels and tires.

What Are Off-Road Wheels And Tires?



Off-road tires are the kind of tires that off-road vehicles are designed with, which use deep tread to attain more grip on roads made slippery by virtue of being unpaved and thereby scattered with gravel, mud, dirt, sand and other loose debris. Unlike the studs that make up snow tires, off-road tires have deep treads which claw deep into the unruly surface of the rogue paths leaving caterpillar grooves behind in the process.

Off-road vehicles, initial evaluation, both four wheelers and bikes use off-road tires. The protruding portion of the treads sinks into the fickle ground and has a better grip on the surface than ordinary tires can hope to achieve. In simple terms, their performance could be drawn parallel to that of cleated shoes which the sports people wear to get a grip while playing on slippery fields.

Off-road tires are designed for unleveled paths, and they lack in performance on paved roads when compared to the typical tires meant for use on paved streets. For this purpose, all-terrain off-road tires are made, which find a balance between the extreme traction and harsh knobs. This type of tires is functional on both paved and unpaved roads in a versatile fashion unlike the monotonous purposes of off-road and street tires.

Hold Your Horses Or Your Off-Road Monsters!


So, you think you have all its takes to set out on your manly man off-road venture? Not so fast! You have to double check if your monster ride meets all these following norms in order to pass a safe and sound off-road and jumpy trip

Got the Off-Road Wheel and Tire Packages?

We have been talking all along about the same thing- off-road wheels and tires. Off-road or all-terrain are what you need for your vehicle for it to get the necessary grip to climb mountains and fair through sandy roads and gravel scattered or muddy paths. If racing is your idea of adventure, see to it that your off-road vehicle has independent suspension so that an effortless and fluid ride is ensured.

You have to realize that your street vehicle has a different built, for instance, it has wheels with the minimum amount of traction to sustain more power on the street.

However, if these open differentials are retained in off-road driving, desired or maximum amount of power cannot be received. Different lock differential mechanisms are available to boost power in off-road driving.

For instance, the mechanism where the wheels and axles get locked together when the wheel speed differs or the mechanism in which power is blasted to the wheel with increased footing in accordance with the brake lock differentials. Both the mechanisms make sure that the wheels turn together at the same pace by locking together the wheels on the axle.

Know Your Gear?

To scale a high boulder, your car needs more than just off-road tires; it also needs a first gear that is very low so that you could glide through the rocky road without expending much on the fuel.

Did Your Vehicle Clear It?

Make sure that your ride has the adequate ground clearance, one that guarantees that much debilitating damage would be done to the underside of its body after you are back scaling mounts and running over stumps. It is also recommended that you reinforce the underside of your car with steel skid plates.

Also ensure that your car is manufactured with all the right angles (approach, break-over and departure angles) to make sure that they have the ability to be sporty without getting bumped and scratched all over and under.



There are several criticisms leveled against off-road vehicles. For instance, the popular choice street car, SUVs which could be deemed as an all-terrain vehicle has the ground clearance adequate for rough terrains, and therefore they are more susceptible to accidents on paved roads.

Off-road vehicles are gaining in popularity by the moment. They are the choice vehicle for tourist ventures and wildlife explorations. The problem they pose is the damage they leave behind as its massive-sized wheels and heavy body edge through the wildlife and over vegetation crushing and cutting them. This could lead to a variety of natural disasters such as landslides, loss of habitat for flora and fauna even extermination of certain species as a whole.

On top of environmental damage, they cause noise pollution and disruption of a sound ecosystem.

There, now you know the fundamental things you ought to know about off-road vehicles. If you want to buy one, weigh the pros against all the cons. You have got a list of specialty features that would lure you in and a handful of environmental causes that could hold you back these environmental issues are all human-induced and could be thwarted by practicing safe and legal driving.

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