How Often Should I Wax My Car: 5 Things All Car-Owners Need to Know

Being a car owner, you must have encountered the nagging monologue regarding "how often should I wax my car," the actual necessity of doing so and the biggest puzzle, how do you recognize it when your car needs to be polished. Like you, I am no stranger to these inner thoughts and let's find our answers together.

The Eternal Dilemma Of "When"



You no longer have to be stumped by the question of "How often should I wax my car?"—Your car needs some tender loving wax job two times every year- before the onslaught of summer heat starts taking its toll on human and car bodies alike and also before the harsh winter rain, hail and snow wash off the gorgeous glow of your ride.

Here Goes The "Whys"

Polishing the car unequivocally preserves the fresh and fancy look that your car possesses. However, the need for frequent car polishing boils down to a simple factor- to offer your car exterior a semblance of protection against the harsh external environment. Car wax may be deemed as external armor that you equip your vehicle with to fight against the attack of various everyday experiences ranging from dust to the Sun.

Waxing is recommended to be done in places where the temp is moderate so that it doesn't dry up too fast. Overbearing coat of wax is not recommended either. Just the right amount of wax renders that extra gloss to the regular car paint and gives your a fine finish and impressive presentation.

What Kind Of Wax?

The present day market is flooded with temporary car waxes that offer quick solutions to urgent needs for wax jobs. These liquid waxes are resistant and persistent as its traditional counterparts. They wear off easier and faster minimizing the coverage they are intended to offer. People even use paint restorers as quick solutions to sheath slight flaws. Polishing your car is indeed an expensive affair.

Consequently, people quench the need for regularly servicing the car with a full-fledged wax job. However, you must carefully consider the pros of going for regular and full wax jobs which offer protection and glaze all year round as opposed to the negligent approach to tending for your car.

Sense, Sight, And Observation

Another concern related to re-polishing the car is determining when it is to be done. Amateurs most often fail to pick up when the gloss starts wearing off your car as they lack the top-notch gears that the professionals are equipped with to do the job. If you are an amateur like most other people, you might want to consider using your keen sense of sight and observation to find it out. If you are an amateur like most people, don't panic; here are some tips that might help you out:

  • Observe and analyze the nature of the dripping water as you wash your car. If the water sails down the body of the car like tiny, bouncy pearls, then it still has on it a healthy coat of wax. Consider getting a wax job done on your car if this is not the case.
  • Be cautious of where you park your car. If it is parked in areas open to pollutants like dust, smog and UV rays, extreme temperatures, etc., the gloss of your car becomes more susceptible to quickly wearing off.
  • The kind of wax you use is also a matter of utmost importance. While liquid waxes are the easier and faster way out, original car wax, albeit being more expensive is more durable.
  • Factor in the age of your car when you think, "How often should I wax my car?" Younger or newer cars do not need as much maintenance as older ones. You must invest more time and care to maintain the longer you use the same car.

Still Need More Reasons To Wax Your Car Often?


Polishing your car yourself saves you a lot of money, as low as the price of a store-bought car wax. Seeking the help of professionals o polish your car could cost you anywhere between $50 and $150. However, skipping on regular car polishing could cost you a serious hit on your car's resale value. Innovations in the field have made waxing cheaper, easier and produced polishes last longer.

Waxing your car should be deemed as a significant act of maintaining your ride. It should be done at least two times every year, ideally every three months. Good maintenance of your car offers you high resale value on it. Healthy maintenance of your car also gives it definition and personality.

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