How Regular Car Maintenance Can Decrease the Risk of Auto Accidents

When you think of car maintenance, what comes to mind? Do you stop after putting gas in the tank and changing the oil? Sadly, if that is all you do to your car, you should know that it is not nearly enough. Your car is a particularly important asset and, as such, you want to preserve it in the best possible way. Doing so will not only provide you with the maximum performance but will prevent costly repairs in the future. Don’t sit on what you consider a minor repair that can wait because it may lead to problems in the future and higher maintenance costs.

How does good maintenance increase safety?

Studies have shown that safe driving is related to a car that is in good condition. That is why a car that doesn’t run as it should, increases the risk not only of the driver but of everyone sitting within it. So, don’t put it off. If your tires need air, make sure they have the pressure they should. Get in the habit of regularly inspecting your car.

Keep Your Brakes Working Perfectly

Everybody knows that brakes are extremely important. They are able to stop any vehicle before a crash occurs. And if it does and your brakes were not functioning, you may be found negligent for the accident. There are some clear signs that brakes are not working as they should. Besides the obvious warning light on the dashboard alerting you to a problem, be on the lookout for grinding or squeaking noises, a burning smell, and these other issues:

  • Your vehicle tends to pull to one side
  • You can see leaking brake fluid
  • Your brake pedal has low resistance
  • You can feel shaking or vibrations on your steering wheel

Tires Are Also Important

Having a serious tire blowout can also have you facing a lawsuit for negligence if you are found to have lost control of your car at the time of the accident because of the condition of your tires. Keep an eye out for tires that are either over-or under-inflated, but also:

  • If you have overloaded your cargo
  • If your tires are worn out bald or punctured
  • If your valve stem is damaged

Breakdowns on the Road

When a vehicle suffers a breakdown on the road, many times they are able to get moved to the side trying to get out of the flow of traffic. You may have driven past plenty of vehicles in that condition. And if it has happened to you, you have probably tried to get out of the way as fast as possible, using your blinking lights to signal to other drivers that you are in trouble. You may have also quickly called a tow truck.

In other cases, where the car that breaks down is not your own, you need to practice safe driving and carefully move around the problem, switching lanes when possible. You should also be careful when somebody has car trouble ahead of you, avoiding tailgating them and taking notice of safety cones and other indications of distress.

Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape to Decrease Risks

Maintaining your car is vital when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe, as well as others driving around you. Get in the habit of always practicing safe driving and making sure that your car is well maintained. You don’t want to have an accident over something that could have been prevented such as tires that are not properly inflated or systems that do not work as they should. Even if there is nothing you can do to ensure that other drivers do the same, at least you will rest assured that you have done everything in your power to prevent injury-causing accidents on the road.

Get the Help of a Car Accident Attorney

No matter how careful you are when driving and how perfectly your car is maintained, you may find yourself in a car accident. If there are injuries, you may need the expertise of car accident attorneys. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service that will put you in touch with the seasoned, aggressive lawyer you need now.

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