How To Choose A Bug Out Location To Ride Out Disasters

August 30, 2021

It seems like Mother Nature is trying to throw everything at us at once. Hurricanes, floods and more are coming at a fast pace. Then there are protests in the cities that shut everything down. It’s good to have your current location prepped and ready for the unknown. It also pays off to have someplace to hunker down outside your home. 

Serious preppers have a separate and remote location to go to during times of crisis. It’s important to have a few features that will make your bug out location ideal as a prepper house. For instance, having access to renewable energy is a huge factor. A solar generator like Buletti available at is a must. 

In this article, we will go over what to look for when choosing a location for a bug out house.

Have energy options

You’ll need a few energy options to make sure that your power needs are always covered. Complement the solar generator mentioned above with other options.

If there isn’t much sun, then having a wind turbine will also give you a good amount of power. There is also more flexibility in where you install it as you can have the turbine reach past the tree line. 

A propane generator can act as a backup if either of those power sources were to be out of commission for any reason.

Be accessible but not too much

Getting to your house during a time of crisis should not be difficult. It needs to be accessible so you can get there without too much of a headache. 

It can’t be too accessible, as you don’t want anybody else to reach it. The whole point is to get away from society so you don't have to share resources with others that may not be friendly. 

Find a location in which you can take main roads most of the way there. Then, going off road a bit to reach the destination will prove enough of a barrier that nobody else will try. 

Long term sustainability 

Plan to be there short term but prepare to be there for the long term. The key is to make sure that you are ready for anything. Assume that things will take too long to get back to normal back at your primary house. Make sure to stock food, fuel and clean drinking water for the foreseeable future.

Firewood needs to get you through several winters. Canned and dried foods should get you through as much time as possible. Plant a garden to have your own food supply. Make sure to have the means to preserve your harvest. Drying fruit and vegetables gives you nutrients for a long time. As does canning and fermenting 

Your house may be a target for those who haven’t prepared. Safety and security of your resources is a priority. Keep your cold storage locked and your home secure. Having your resources stolen will limit how long you are able to stay. 

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