How To Easily Change Your Car’s Tire

Nobody likes flat tires on urgent occasions. Flat tires can be a bit of tedious and challenging especially if you are on the way to important appointments that needs your perfect attendance.

For first-time car owners, this is a very big challenge for you especially if this is your first time changing it without the watchful of experts. it can be a little messy and a little time consuming(especially for female drivers who have would have difficulty in carrying heavier tools needed in changing tires.) but worry no more, we are going to help you change your tires in no time minus the dirt and mess.

These are the 12 steps that you need to follow in order to change your wheels in no time.

Changing Her Flat tire

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1. Park on solid ground

When you change your tires, make sure your car is parked on solid ground. This is to avoid your car from moving too much or worst, rolling down the road. The solid ground will support your car, especially when you lift the side of the part that needs to be fixed.

If your tire burst in the middle of traffic, that can be a little problematic. Changing tires in the middle of a busy road is a big no-no. You will cause a traffic disturbance. If it happens, you can ask someone to help you push your car to the side or ask a tow truck to move your car away from the traffic. It is also not advisable to change your flat tires in the middle of the traffic, you might get yourself dragged by other cars if you do so.

2. Go on park mode

When changing the tires, make sure your car is on hand brake or Parking mode. The hand brake is a component of the car which keeps the car from rolling away when it is not in motion. It is very important that you set it, or else you will be chasing your car and get your self into a more serious trouble and possible damages.If your car has the standard transmission, instead pulling the hand brakes, you can just put your car in the first reverse.

3. Use heavy objects to keep your car in place

Even if your car is already in the first reverse or if you have to pull your hand brakes, you still need to secure your car using heavy stones or objects. This is to stop your car or vehicle from moving to and fro.Even if you are on the Parking Mode, it is still best that you take extra precaution. You place heavy objects in front and behind the tires, this is will serve as a stopper for your car.

4. Get your spare tire and jack

You can’t change your flat tires if you don’t have these two. It is very important that you always carry a spare tire and tools with you all the time. It might be a little troublesome to bring them around in your trunk, but you will never know what will happen. It is best that you keep a spare at all times.

For women drivers, this can be challenging. Women drivers should put spare tires in a position that will let her roll it down when she change her tires. Tires can be really heavy for women to carry.

5. Raise it with the jack

In lifting your car using the jack, it is very important that you know where to put the jack. Some cars have a plastic part of the bottom. Once you place the jack on that area, the tendency is that you will break the plastic. It is very important that you know where to put the jack when you are changing. It is usually written in the car manual, it is best that you read the manual and try to remember where you will put the jack.

Once the jack is in place, you need to raise it up , make sure that the jack is not lifting your car, but rather it should be supporting the car. The jack should be perpendicular to the ground.

6. Remove the hubcap from the tires

When you remove the hubcap, make sure that you are using the correct size of the wrench.This is to keep your lug nuts from stripping and easier for you to loosen the nuts. It is also best that you use a breaker bar when you remove the nuts.When you have the correct tools, turn the nuts into counterclockwise so that it will loosen. It is also best that you keep a spare of lug nuts with you just in case if you lost one while changing, you can replace it right away than look for it, it will only delay you further. When removing hubcaps, do not remove all the lug nuts right there and then, leave some of it on the wheel. This is to keep your tire from falling off from the hub when you have not lifted it up.

7. Lift your tires above the ground

Using the jack,crank it up to raise your flat tire a little bit higher from the ground. This position will make it easier for you to change your tires. Make sure your car is not leaning too much to the ground. You can also use a smaller jack to support the other side when you change tires. Make sure your car is in a stable position.

8. Remove the remaining lug nuts

When your car is in place, you can now remove the rest of the nuts using the wrench and remove the wheel from the hub. While changing, you can place the flat tire right below the hub where you are going to place the new tires. In case the jack would give out, your tire will play as a support on the hub to keep it falling from the ground.

9. Place the spare tires

Align the spare tire on the hub. Make sure it is properly placed or else you might have a problem with it. Place the lug nuts into place and tighten them. Tighten the nuts using a star pattern, in this, it will help keep the tire in place while you maneuver to tighten the other nuts . Tires should be placed properly or else you might find your tires moving away from your desired direction and rolling off to another way.

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10. Lower down the jack

Do this without putting the weight of the car down. Then continue tightening the nuts and place the hubcaps in position then tightening it again. Then, remove the jack from the car, check the nuts if they are well tightened.

11. Roll the flat tire to the trunk

Changing tires can be easy but it takes time to get used to. It is important that you don’t rush and focus on changing it. Take it to the mechanic. Remember, your safety relies on how well you car is doing and how careful you are when you drive.

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