How to Get the Best Sound Quality in Your Car

There is nothing better than cruising down the highway with your favorite tunes blasting out of your speakers.  

However, if you are still using the sound equipment that came factory installed with your car, then your music may come out as more of a whine than a roar.  

So, if you are looking for ways to boost your vehicles sound quality, check out our suggestions to help get you started.  

Invest in Some New Speakers

When car manufacturers are designing and building a car, the audio system is likely going to be the last priority on the list. 

As such, the factory-installed speakers that come with your car are usually lacklustre. 

You can make a huge difference to your car audio sound quality then by installing a good set of aftermarket speakers.  

Aftermarket speakers are designed for powerful sound, and there are heaps of models and designs to choose from. If you get speakers that fit the dimensions of those already installed in your car then it should be a simple job to replace them, just pull out the old unit and plug in the new one.   

With quality speakers, you’ll get better clarity and tighter bass, and this alone could be enough to get the sound quality you desire in your vehicle. 

Add an Amplifier 

No matter how good your speakers are, you will get better performance with more power. 

Adding an amp will deliver far greater, and cleaner, power than the amp built into your receiver.  

Better yet a 2-channel amp will allow you to power your speakers, while leaving a dedicated channel for a subwoofer as well, allowing you to have the best bass on the block.  

Amps are not just about volume either, a good amplifier adds a crispness and clarity to your sound by sending more precise signals to the speakers. If you are looking for the best sound quality, a quality amp is the way to go.

Upgrade Your Head Unit 

Most factory head units do not output the power needed to drive aftermarket speakers and lack the features and control you’ll need to get the best sound quality. So, if you are looking for the best audio, it may be time to swap out your head unit 

A new head unit will deliver more power, clearer sound, and more control over your audio. You will also get more connectivity options, allowing you to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, for example. 

A good quality head unit should also have a built-in DAC, which converts a digital audio signal into an analog one, yielding even better audio output. Installing a decent head unit is like installing a new operating system on your computer, making everything work more seamlessly. 

Use Sound Deadening Materials 

When you are driving fast down the freeway, the sounds of the road, engine, traffic are all working against you.  

So, the quieter you can make all that clatter, the better you will be able to hear your music, and this is where dampening materials come into play.

Adding in sound dampening mats to your door panel will help keep out the sounds of the road, and deaden the vibrations of the metal and plastic, soundproofing your car and creating a more stable platform for your speaker.  

Sound deadening material can also be added under the hood of your car and carpet to help cut down on engine noise, although you will want to be careful that you are not restricting the airflow of your engine or anywhere else that could lead to overheating.  

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