How to Negotiate with Car Dealers in Mildura

Buying a car can be quite a demanding task, especially if you have opted for used four-wheelers. Besides the many doubts about which you can read about at this link, be sure that you will probably run onto experienced sellers on car yards. They won’t be very enthusiastic about bargaining. But it’s your right, and you need to make the most of it.

The golden rule of negotiation is – knowledge is power. One who has it and knows how to use it at the right time will win the negotiation battle. Keep in mind that you have trading experts on the opposite side. They have had a lot of profitable car sales so far. In order to ‘fight’ such negotiators at all, you must be a worthy opponent.

Car dealers in Mildura meet various people every day, and their negotiation skills are at an enviable level. They learn all the catches and tricks clients do to lower the vehicle’s price. Sometimes they accept the game and make a concession. But in most cases, they win. If you don’t want to lose a negotiation battle before it starts, do your homework and ‘arm’ yourself with information.

Do Your Homework

Most dealers will want to work on the sale as a whole, including the vehicle value, trade-in value, financing fees, and anything else that they may add to the original price. It makes them good at getting you to go along with the sale. You’ll fall for that if you’re focused on the sticker price only rather than the total sales price.

Dealers will sometimes use various tricks to get you to agree to a low sticker price and then tack on extra fees. To avoid this, you should do some research before you go into a car yard. Inform about additional costs, and always ask for a price including all of them.

Get Several Quotes

You should also get several price quotes to ensure that you are truly getting a good deal. If several car yards have approximate prices, determine how low you’ll go. Check out several vehicles and see what their suggested retail values are. Then you will know whether you are being overcharged or not.

Make sure that sellers know you got quotes from other dealerships. They will be more willing to negotiate if they know there’s a chance that you will go to their competitor’s yard and spend your money there.

Know Your Options

Many people avoid bargaining because they think look like poor men without enough money to buy a car. Wrong! If you have already come to the dealership, you have enough money for the vehicle. But you just don’t want to overpay it. That’s how wise people think.

Be sure to find out about payment methods and additional costs of each of them. Calculate the monthly instalment that won’t burden you much. With that calculation, go to the dealership. Try to find the best car loan yourself rather than have dealers persuade you to their financing options, which are often more expensive. Get the loan pre-approval, which will give you a significant advantage in the negotiation.

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Check the Car on the Spot

With a visual inspection, you can learn a lot about the vehicle. Look carefully at each part of the car body and search scratches, dents, or cracks. These can be small things that will help you lower the price, and that won’t cost you a fortune to fix them.

Check the tires and under the vehicle for any visible damage, rusty parts, or any signs of leakage. By knowing the common faults of a specific car model, you will know what to look for. If you notice any of these, be sure to consult a technician. Maybe it’s a more complicated breakdown that is not worth repairing.

Each dealership will allow you a test drive. Use this time wisely and see how the car behaves on the road. First, turn it on and check the correctness of all electronic devices: lights, AC, radio, etc. At the first entry, you can get an impression of the interior. If it seems wear-and-tear, make sure to tell the seller.

Then drive the car in city conditions and on the open road. Listen if anything is squeaking, pounding, or shaking. You ask for a price cut for each defect, but only if the car mechanic confirms that the faults can be repaired. No matter how good they are in negotiating, no dealer can fight obvious things.

Keep Emotions Off

Every trader will watch you with delight in the car they’re selling. Be prepared for a lot of flattering and convincing that this model is just right for you. Many people fall for sweet words, and that is an advantage that sellers always use. Don’t be one of them.

Keep emotion out of the process, and focus on logic, no matter how much you like the car. Try to find something in the vehicle that will give you an advantage in terms of money. Dealers must be pleasant and kind, but you have to be tough (but not rude or aggressive).

Don’t rush and let the trader suggest the price first. Experts from Northstar in Mildura suggest to never accept the first proposal but make your own. Don’t take no for an answer. Keep the negotiation active with all the pros and cons of why the current offer is not the best. It’s the part of the car-buying process where you get to take control. Use facts, not raising your voice or aggression.

Car dealers will often use various tactics and ways to get you to go along with the sale. Learning how to negotiate with them can help you save time and money.  Keep the volume of negotiation down, and you will get a reasonable price. This new skill should make a big difference in getting the best deal for a four-wheeler of your dreams.

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