How To Score The Best Honda Dealership Syracuse NY

Buying a car can be quite a tedious process, and many people try to avoid going through this kind of stress. It is difficult enough trying to decide which car brand to buy, what model, and what fits your budget. You can see online statistics for the best car brands in the USA and the world, and you will find that Honda is a popular brand that always lands in the top five.

Purchasing a car becomes a more difficult task when you need to decide where to make the purchase. Since there are several car dealerships in New York, this article summarizes four quick tips for you on how to get the best from a Honda dealership in Syracuse. 

  1. Create A Checklist 

The first step to buying a car is to gather information about possible options. One way is to get recommendations from different people. Find out from friends, colleagues, or car owners who recently bought a Honda in Syracuse, where you should buy a car. They should be able to give you some quality input, perhaps even some unexpected ones.

The next option is to go online. You can expect to find what an auto dealer offers on their company site. They usually post listings of the available cars you can personally check. It’s best to create a checklist of which cars you would like to check out before you do a test drive.

Also, consider reading online reviews of the notable car dealerships in the area. You will learn a thing or two more about the best and the worst car dealerships in Syracuse. This information will help you to streamline your list further and it will save you a lot of time.

  1. Verify If They Have Licenses

Car dealers need a license to operate, and to sell cars; you want to make sure that you will deal with a legal car dealer. You can visit the government's online registration portal to check a car dealer’s certifications and licenses to operate. 

You should also find how long the car dealer has been around in your area. In most cases, the longer they have been around, the more reliable they are, and they are more likely to deliver the best services to you.

  1. Visit in Person

To get the best deal, make time to visit the car dealerships on your list. That way, you get to see for yourself what they have to offer. Look out for the following information when you decide to visit the store in person.

  • Prices: Find out the price range that each car dealership offers for the type of model that you like. Ask about the new ones and if there are second-hand models of the car you want to buy. You can compare the prices offered by the other car dealerships, and this can give you an idea of how much of a bargain you might be able to get.
  • Inventory: Check the stock of every car dealership you visit. Confirm if they have the specific Honda model that you are looking for. See if they have a list of cars you can test drive. You might be better off with as many options as you can get.
  • Customer Perks: Find out if they offer any customer perks such as complimentary car washes, seat covers, free engine servicing, tire rotations, and the like.
  • Customer Service: Excellent customer service means will increase customer satisfaction, and reasonable satisfaction can indicate that they have loyal customers who will attest to the reliability of the car dealer. If you see no proof of this, it might be your cue to leave. 
  1. Negotiate The Price

After doing the necessary checks, proceed to negotiate the price. Aim at getting the lowest price you can get for the car you want. Here’s a tip, when you deal with a car dealer, you should at least know the invoice price of the vehicle you plan to buy. It is what the manufacturer sends to the dealer and what appears on the invoice when the dealer receives the car from the factory. This is always considerably lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). It is the price from the manufacturer, and it is often advertised in car reviews.

You can make your initial offer based on the invoice price and negotiate with the car dealer until it’s settled. Compare what you have explored with the other dealers you have visited. After these steps, you can finally choose which car dealer you want to transact with.


Verify if the car dealer has its licenses to operate legally, how long they have been in the area, visit car dealers to check other options, know the perks offered, and know how to negotiate the prices. After considering all the tips summarized in this article, choose the car dealer that fits your preferences. 

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