Increasing the Value of Your Car, Tips Anyone Can Follow

Increasing the Value of Your Car, Tips Anyone Can Follow

Even the fanciest rides that grace the roads of the modern world will suffer eventually from deterioration. It’s just inevitable, and when it comes time to sell your vehicle, you will need all the help you can get to pick out things that give off the impression of a dingy, used vehicle. Even if you don’t want to sell, just driving around in a fresh example of proper care can make anyone feel proud.

The Obvious Problems

Most of the tips for increasing value are remarkably simple, but while that may be true, let’s list off a few that are not just tips but essential for making your used car shine right here, then move on to the truly obscure ones. Firstly, the exterior of the vehicle should be shiny and immaculate compared to normal use. This includes windshields and their accompanying fluid.

As one could expect, it’s also extremely important to vacuum your car thoroughly. Nothing puts off an eager buyer more than a bad smell emanating from the car they want. For those who smoke, this is especially for you since even 1 or 2 specialized cleanings will struggle to remove that pungent cigarette smell.

Finally, make sure the entire vehicle is fully functional and repaired. This includes the engine bay being clean, fluids refilled, and other problems solved ahead of time. Don’t let the mechanic check everything, you can do the basics!

The Obscure Issues

Everyone without qualifications as a mechanic has had the experience of entering a mechanic’s shop and receiving a blast of jargon that is incomprehensible to even the most impressive hobbyist. Many specific automotive parts have clear indicators though of their wellbeing, so it’s worth checking them all to make sure you can sell without any fear.

Two of the most suspect parts: the alternator and the sensors that pick up any other problems, are fairly simple to evaluate. Checking your dashboard for proper lighting is the easiest method, though many vehicles will begin to throw out warnings if these parts are dying. If a buyer turns the key and sees a check engine light, that may be the end of that deal. If you want a more thorough approach, click here for all the most common mechanical issues with used cars.

The air conditioner is a must-have for everyone. We can’t all tolerate heat equally well, but even the cheapest car buyers will have concerns if the air blasting out of the vents isn’t actually cool. Check each individual vent after cleaning the car. Do the same for the heater, though this isn’t as likely to cause issues.

Check the Worth

Going into any deal involving cars uninformed is just begging for a disaster. Never sign anything in a car salesman’s office without knowing what you are signing, and sometimes it’s difficult to even evaluate potential hazards without researching. So, it’s very important to determine the value of your car before entering any kind of deal. Whether you’re selling to a dealer or just some guy down the street, you can’t make an informed decision without knowing the bottom line.

Vehicle prices tend to lower significantly after being bought and also about a year after the first sale since this is a common marker for determining whether any vehicle has been “used.” Don’t be surprised if you end up having to drive out the remaining life of your old junker because you waited a little bit too long to sell.

Word of Mouth Doesn’t Cut it

The classic vision of a used car sale is between friends or between you and a dealer. You walk in with a vehicle to sell and leave with the money in tow. Safe to say this doesn’t happen anymore. If you want to make a sale with the maximum possible price, you need to be comfortable not talking face-to-face with people.

Many offers on online car retailers begin with a text, and sometimes that is the best price you can hope to get. If you want to roll the dice quickly and with a high chance of success, try an auction. Many websites have options for auctions that can maximize the price of your vehicle with minimal effort.

Think of it this way, with the recent inflation problems in the US do you think anyone is going to make an uninformed decision about a financial investment that could cost thousands? If you expect someone to buy outright, you are very optimistic and maybe deceiving yourself, here’s an article where you can read more about the current trends and their effect on the used vehicle market:

Make Your Car Photogenic

Some of the best and most reliable rides have gone for absurdly low prices simply because the exterior looked or looks absolutely terrible in photographs. I can’t stress it enough, but if you are selling you are your own marketer with a single product you want to go for the maximum price. Marketing may not be for you, but you’ll get the hang of it if you end up receiving a terrible deal because of poor appearances.

Make sure your vehicle is shiny, clean, free of dents, and caught in the proper light. If you want, a picture in the dark can also help buyers be aware that your lights work. It’s illegal to not have working lights, but if your buyer is properly wary that should be something they check. Don’t worry though, even the best-laid plans can be made or unmade when you show off what your car can do.

Think of it like this: would you want to buy a car with chipped paint and a cab that reeks of cigarette smoke? Time is money but simple preventative measures can make even the most pessimistic deals into a great time for both you and them, as well as the all-important thickness of your or their wallets. All vehicles are expensive, so don’t be lazy and you will go very far.



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