Keep Your Vehicle Sparkling Using These Car Detailing Tips

December 22, 2020

If you want your car to serve you for a long time, you should properly maintain it. Maintenance entails a lot of things. In fact, according to a study, the annual maintenance of a single car in the US costs about $514. Apart from brake repairs, there are also other maintenance services you need to perform on your car. Knowing them isn’t easy if you’re not a professional. But if you choose to treat your car using specialized tools and products like ceramic coating, you’ll keep its paintwork and interior and exterior always sparkling. This article gives you some car detailing tips you can use to enhance the look of your vehicle. 

1. Use Car wash Soap During Cleaning

The best way of cleaning your car is by washing it by hand. However, this needs to be done properly. Unfortunately, most drivers do it improperly thus damaging the car’s paint. That’s why most drivers opt to hire professionals who use soft clothes and fresh recycled water to wash their cars. Using soft foam brushes can also help to remove contaminants and dirt. 

If you don’t want to hire a professional car cleaner to do this service for you, but instead opt to clean your vehicle in the driveway, there’s a procedure you need to follow. Don’t use the dish soap in cleaning because it’ll negatively impact the paint coating in your car and strip off the wax coating meant to protect it. Buy a car wash soap that’s formulated for the contaminants on vehicles and will not affect the paint. 

During the cleaning process, you need to use the multi-bucket strategy. Instead of trying to do the washing with one bucket, use two. Using more than two can even be better. The first bucket should have a soapy solution while the second should have clean water to rinse the brushes after you’ve cleaned your car. The third bucket could hold water for washing the wheels and wheel wells. Washing your car with the correct soap will preserve its look for a long period. 

2. Start Cleaning From The Top Towards The Bottom

Apart from using the wrong chemicals when cleaning vehicles, the other mistake that most car owners do is to clean their cars randomly or begin with the dirtiest areas first. Car cleaning professionals recommend that you start from the top as you move towards the bottom. That way, you’ll prevent contaminants from staining surfaces that you’ve already cleaned. 

The right way of cleaning your car should be by first rinsing it and then cleaning the roof, trunk, glass, hood, and lid. You should thoroughly rinse the mud that’s deposited at the bottom of the car. Once you rinse all the debris, start washing your car with the appropriate soap starting with the roof, then rinse. After that, you can move to the windows on the sides and continue washing and rinsing from the top towards the bottom. 

As you clean your car, remember to scrub as you rinse immediately to prevent the soap from drying on the surface. You also need to work under a shed instead of under the sun because it’ll dry the soap, making it difficult to rinse the vehicle well. 

3. Use Carwash Chemicals During Cleaning

You may encounter some contaminants in your car that aren’t easily removed with soap. That’s why most professional service providers use car wash chemicals to eliminate different contaminants. Car wash soaps mostly remove water-soluble contaminants. However, other types of contaminants may require a wax and grease remover or a petroleum-based cleaner. A good example of such a contaminant is road tar. Regular soap won’t clean it. Instead, you should use a tar remover to eliminate it.

Bug residues also require special types of cleaners, just like hard water spots. To remove these stubborn contaminants, you may need machine buffing or a clay bar. Begin the cleaning process using soap. If you identify that your vehicle has other contaminants, use the correct cleaners to eliminate them and rewash those areas. 

4. Lubricate Hinges And Latches

One item that’s mostly neglected by drivers during maintenance is the hood latch. The drivers often realize that it requires maintenance when it refuses to open. However, the latches need to be regularly cleaned and lubricated with a three-in-one oil and other protectants. Additionally, your door hinges need spray or lubrication to remain flexible. 

Other areas that you should consider during maintenance are the pivot points of the hood hinges. Because these parts aren’t in plain sight, it’s easy to forget about them. However, you need to remember to often spray them lithium grease to prevent them from seizing up. 

It’s also advisable to maintain the lock cylinders of your vehicle. These days, most cars have remote locks that you activate by pressing a button on the key fob. If your car doesn’t have a keyhole, chances are you’re not maintaining your cylinders. Therefore, you need to insert keys into the lock to actuate the cylinders. Fortunately, the keys will turn in even if you have a dead battery. Don’t let your lock cylinder malfunction because you don’t use it frequently.

5. Use Primers To Touch Up Paint Chips

Noticing a white speck on your shiny, black car can be very annoying. But seeing several of them can turn you crazy. Paint chips can occur to any vehicle of any color. Rocks on the road may knock the paint off and create dents where the topcoat has chipped off. Fortunately, manufacturers can supply you with primers that can help you touch up the chips and keep your car looking new for a long time. The primers can also protect your car’s panels from corrosion.

A car dealer can help you find a suitable color for your car’s exterior. However, you need to understand that a touch up can’t substitute a professional paint job. Dabbing on a bit of paint will not make your car’s finish look new. Unless you’re driving a black car, the best you can get from a touched spot is something close to the original color. If you want a great job, it would be better to pay a professional to paint your car. 

Wrapping Up

To keep your car looking new for long, you need to know detailing tips. Fortunately, they aren’t difficult to grasp and can be easily followed. The tips discussed above can help to keep your car sparkling no matter the circumstances it faces. 

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