Key Questions To Ask An Auto Body Shop Before Using One

Having a vehicle can be a complicated and intricate venture. It is manufactured with innumerable parts, and all of them can be susceptible to dings, scratches, and dents.

In the event that your vehicle has malfunctioned, or acquired damages from an accident, having your it repaired immediately is your main concern. Avoid the hasty decision of taking your vehicle to the first auto body shop you come across.

Do your research and evaluate various auto body shops to ensure that you find a reputable and reliable auto body shop. Moreover, you should know what questions to ask so you can have an idea of the quality service they can provide.

The following key questions to ask an auto body shop before using one:

1. Does your shop have any certifications?

A reliable auto body repair shop should have appropriate certifications. This ensures that they possess the skills and knowledge for the task. Check and find out what certifications they have including ASE and I-CAR. Also, look for a shop that employs technicians with appropriate certification to repair your vehicle and for the particular issue. All those certifications can guarantee you that they can perform reliable and safe repairs.

2. How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Two repairman mechanics matching automobile body bumper on damaged car at repair service station

This is most probably a concern, especially if you use your vehicle everywhere you go. There are various factors that affect the time it takes to repair your car. Ask the shop for the estimated time and date for the repair to be completed. Some factors that affect the time include the severity of damages, holidays, or the number of existing jobs that must be accomplished before yours.

3. Do you have the same color paint as mine?

A common complaint and frustration from owners are having their car back and realize that the paint does not match with their car’s original color. To prevent this from happening, ask the shop if they can match your car’s paint color.

Nowadays, cars own a paint code plate. You can find it either under the hood or on one of the door jambs. Also, check the owner’s manual to know more about it.

4. What is the payment policy?

A reliable auto body repair shop should be open with their payment methods and policies. Policies should discuss forms of payment, materials, labor rates, warranty information, and other important information. If you can’t find policies posted in the shop, ask them personally before allowing them to start working on your car.

5. Will you work with my car insurance?

Finding an auto body shop that has a healthy working relationship with your car insurance can be very helpful. This helps expedite your claims and make insurance and legal process easier for you. Most auto repair shops work with car insurance. Therefore, make sure to negotiate the necessary details to save you from frustration and headaches.


Remember those key questions to ask an auto body shop before allowing them to repair your vehicle. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a reputable car repair shop, you may contact or visit St. Louis auto body shops.

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